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Tiny Apartments


NEW YORK (AP) — New York City renters have long made a habit of sacrificing square footage to save money. Now, the government wants to help them move into even smaller spaces.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is inviting developers to propose ways to turn a city lot into a building filled mostly with micro-units of no more than 300 square feet.

The pilot program could lead to a change in regulations that currently require new apartments to be at least 450 square feet.

Bloomberg said Monday the shift will help accommodate the changing population. He says young professionals are waiting longer to start families.

Bloomberg says a shortage of small homes is forcing people to move into illegal subdivisions. The city has 1 million studio and one-bedroom apartments for 1.8 million one- and two-person households.

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I love the idea of micro-lofts - something we sort of addressed at the charrette. These units could work very well in the Granary if they're mixed in with other kinds of units like single family, one, two bedroom apartments, townhomes, container townhomes, etc.

What do you think, Peter?

The "micro-loft" term is more a glorification of what this is. 300sf is REALLY small considering it is supposed to have a kitchen(ette), shower/toiletroom (no bath, only a shower) and some storage. As a TYPE in a MIX, sure, but as a development with lets say 50 units, it is not so good.

Developers/landlords would love it however as more small units = more $$$$/sf rental. These small units are also okay for short term stay and transients.

Is there a downward size limit in SLC on units?

I don't know if there is a size limit on units in SLC. 300sf is REALLY small, but there is a market for these kinds of units, especially in a place like the Granary.

I've been further reading that they may be permitted to be as small as 275sf. It seems to be heading back to the former SRO (single room occupancy) unit era. They usually had an in room sink with a common bathroom.

Pete, Joe responded to you about this thread, but instead of hitting 'reply' he created a new thread. 

You can find his response here


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