The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

I think this would be a very cool way to get everyone talking and feeling a sense of community.

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Hey Chase! We're big fans of Candy Chang, especially for our first Block Party (we had a neighborhood visioing map there) but maybe we can think of something to do like 'Before I die" wall for Granary Row!

Chase, I think it could be cool if we incorporated something like the before I die wall on one of the containers for Granary Row. Let me know if you'd be interested in leading that effort!



I'm in. I just need to know a time frame. Also are the containers a for sure thing yet? I talked to Kyle Malfalta of the city council and he seemed super excited about the idea but he made it seem like its still up in the air? I hope that happens!

Yeah, once we get the final word from the City if it's a go or not, and we start fundraising, we'll create a schedule for the project.


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