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We had a great Block Party Work Meeting Part II on Thursday night at the Shred Shed. The turnout was much better than anticipated! Those in attendance were:


BreAnne McConkie

Brad Gale

James Singer (Welcome to the Group!)

Lauren Sharp (Shred Shed)

Julie Henry

Jesse Cassar (Shred Shed)

Ashlie Taylor

Chris Corroon

James Alfandre


The goal of the meeting was to capitalize off the momentum and energy from the first work meeting two weeks before, and to set timeline goals for the Block Party on May 21st.


Meeting Recap


-Branding update (join the group for more info)

-James started the discussion


We briefly looked at the 3D model of the Block Party street to discuss the overall
planning (the model will be more developed by next meeting and posted online here.)
James:Two weeks ago, we split into two groups and came up with concrete ideas. Now we’re going to combine our list of ideas and weed-out any conflicts.”
There weren't any big conflicts, but some people had some more great ideas that built off of previous ones, and could be incorporated into the Block party like:

  •  Having the produce markets on 600 West be a vendor and sell fresh produce
  •  Footprints from trax station to Block Party — have bikes to rent from 900 South Trax station to ride through the Block Party
  •  Put something/ marketing stuff along 3rd West!!!
  •  Local artists to do garage door competition— who's wall can we use? Can we paint over it after?!
  •  Facepainting for kids
  • Get Salt Lake Film society to do an outdoor movie towards end of Block Party

*These will be added to the Master list and vetted at our next meeting.


Then after the general discussion, James went around the room and asked each person: “Now, person Z. You want to do Y. What are your needs? A, B, C, & D? A, B, C are possible. What happens if you can’t get D?”

Jesse: To provide live music he needs somewhat easy rooftop access, latch to open up to the roof. Or if we can't get rooftop access, he'll perform in space in between Pickle Factory.
-For a faux facade for a record shop, needs plywood or sheets to paint on — get a record shop Randy's record. Raunch records, other record stores to sell with his label for the day.
Julie: Had a lot of great ideas for street design/ furniture. See below:
-Julie has been looking on KSL Classifieds for free material to make some of her ideas!
Then, the following question was asked: “Okay. Person Z … what’s your timeline for getting this all sorted? It has to be within the next three weeks, so there is a one week buffer until the meeting in a month”
-This is important because The Kentlands Initiative is going to work with each group and get a feeling for what their needs are, from us/the City/others … then we’ll do some initial vetting.
-We’ll return 4 weeks from Thursday night's meeting with a list of holes, and we’ll work on filling those holes at that meeting.
-I'm going to be in touch with Jesse and Julie in the next three weeks to see what their needs will be as they are figuring out their logistics.
-Those of you who missed this meeting, please join your respected group and post the needs of your element for the Block Party. This will help us stay in touch with you so when we meet again, Thursday, April 21st we will be able to help fill in the holes and know what we'll be setting up at the Block Party.

Looking forward:

Let's keep the momentum up and collaborate and stay connected online!
BLOCK PARTY COUNT DOWN: Less than 8 weeks away!


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Hi everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in any part of the street furniture process. If you want to drive around, get free stuff and meet people, or if you want to talk about any designs you have, or if you want to help paint/build the furniture. You can help out with any or all of these things and don't feel like you have to have a lot of experience. I don't, I've just helped my dad build things over the years, that's all. If any of you have experience that's great but definitely not necessary. If you are just the slightest bit interested, join the street design and decoration group and  let's start talkin' :)


Also, the top right is a sketch that I put on there when Jesse mentioned his idea. So credit to him, basically I think it is just a 4 sided structure made of plywood, that could be used to display art, like an free standing art wall. I thought it was a great idea so I jotted down a picture to remember it. I think that would be very easy to make and it would break up the space and make it interactive.


If you want to chat, my number is 801-698-3640 (text or call) and you can message me on here or @


Let's do dis, haha.


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