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Reply to this thread for general ideas for the Block Party. If certain ideas and threads become popular, those ones will become their own discussion under 'Forum' on the front page of this groupsite.

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I'm wondering about soliciting donations for the block party. i.e. perhaps there are some local nurseries that would lend us potted trees for the evening?

We made a short list of potential nurseries a few months ago, but I think that is a GREAT idea. If you want to work on that together, we could make calls or visit and see who would be willing to donate and what.
Keri, that is a great idea. One of Ashley Sanders friends works with a nursery and said that he could probably get them to donate for the evening. I should check up on that.
Hi all,

Great to talk yesterday! I am so excited to see this all materialize, and to work with all of you. I thought I would just slap some ideas up on this cyber-wall to get the old wheels turning.

In case people haven't seen this video yet, check out what the Better Blocks Initiative did in Dallas for a project similar to ours. The link is here. What do y'all like about what they did? What do you not like? I love the bike lanes and the way they painted the exteriors of buildings, and the traffic calming and trees/cafe tables on the streets.

Here are some ideas my friend sent me for a "green wall"--some of them aren't what we are looking for, but there are some cool concepts, like making a map or words out of moss and other plants, or using lots of small flowerpots everywhere. We could modify it to use edible plants or even to spell out "The People's Block" or something cool.

I am also trying to figure out cool ways to use old or recycled materials to make the street come alive, like twinkle lights combined with cool awnings made of old sheets or tablecloths, or a big cloth or other kind of banner that said "Welcome to Your Imagination" or whatever (I am just thinking off the top of my head).

Anyway, if anyone has any cool ideas on that front, post them! I am so excited for the gardens and food and pushcars, but I also can't wait to make the whole place look beautiful.

Hello out there! Anyone out there?

I am just going to continue posting beautiful things I find that I think would look awesome at our block party.

Like knit-bombing trees.

Bring on the color!
Sorry, been out of commission with a death in the family, but moving on now. Love all the posted stuff, Ashley! Especially the knit-bombing trees. My wife is quite the crocheter! Let's keep the ideas coming...
I think that something like the knit trees would be very cool on the trees where the street vendors could set up, right next to the old granary building on the east side of the street, just south of the Pickle Factory.

Also, has anyone thought more about a people mover that could go along the tracks connecting Artspace's new project with the Block Party? Won't cover more than 100 yards or so. I would like to see something like a handcart

But there could be other methods as well. Something that represents a future streetcar. Any other ideas?

That is an amazing pic of a . . . a what? (My locomotive vocabulary is failing me!) But that is exactly what I pictured when you were talking, with maybe some lights and a "conductor" person, or a banner that kind of explains that this is our "trolley." Where did you get that picture? I am going to invite my friend Tyler to this site. I bet he will have some great ideas about how we could build one of those or something else we could use. I will keep thinking, too.

Also, I am so delighted by the knit trees. I am not a knitter, but you said Jane is? Any other knitters/crocheters out there who have ideas about how to incorporate this? It would make the whole place look so festive.
Ash, it's a handcart, isn't it cool! Christian Harrison has contacted UTA and they apparently have handcarts in their fleet. Hopefully we can use one, or two.

Hello everyone,


Just came back from the meeting today and I had a bunch of ideas flowing so I thought, I would put them here. I hope this isn't a defunct thread because I can see no one has commented in a while..

I can see you guys have already thought up so many cool things, I think they are really great. 


Soliciting donations sounds really effective, who doesn't love some free advertising? 

Today, I thought of contacting the cycle shop I live next to on 1300 east and 250 south, I think it is called cyclesmith. Has someone contacted them already?

I was thinking they might want to come down and have a booth during the block party. Rent some bikes out to people walking around or offer some repair or maybe just talk to people about their prices and the benefits of bicycling. 


For soliciting, I also thought of the funky furniture store, that I saw when I did the gallery stroll. Maybe they will offer some furniture for the public or maybe just for some of you guys who started this to sit in while you watch everything unfold during the block party. 

Also, I remember a funky plant shop on broadway. They might want to show off some plants.


In terms of materials, I have a large piece of an old sign. It is like plywood with an advertisement on the other side(this surface is smooth, so someone could potentially paint on it). It is pretty big, about 6 feet long and 3 or 4 feet wide. Someone can use it for a canvas for art or something cool, maybe a table top? 


Also, something I am really excited about is the KSL classifieds. They have a free section where people post items they just want taken away for free. I was looking on there just now and I saw free gravel, wood, furniture, entertainment centers, counter tops, old pianos.. so many good items we could recycle and reuse. We just have to pick them up!! I keep thinking of ways we can use recycled items to make really cool street furniture. My father owns a flatbed trailer we could pick things up with.


I don't want to cheapen the project, but I can see some neat possibilities with these free items. I don't know if this is too far from the original initiative or if street furniture has already been worked out, so I would love to get some feedback on this. 


The pushcart and Ashley's ideas are really clever, I would have never have thought of those things. Those would be attention-grabbing for sure. Amazing ideas. 


The last thing I wanted to comment on was something I mentioned at the end of the meeting. I was thinking  a good transportation solution might be a "one-way street"  of sorts. It would have a one way lane for cars and on the other side of the tracks, a one way lane for bicyclists and pedestrians. I realize it doesn't fully meld the idea of cars, bikes, and pedestrians to one street, but it seems practical for this event. Also, I don't know if this would be not allowed because it can be viewed as shutting down the street. Just putting this suggestion out there.


Anyway, this post has gone on for way too long, haha. Input? Comments?  




I am so glad you are on board. These ideas are fantastic!


I love love love the idea of having furniture set out during the block party, both used and created out of free materials. Some of the people in my group were really interested in that kind of thing, and seem very handy with building that kind of thing. We also talked about the group, City Repair, and the way they create little nooks for people to use on street corners. You should check them out--we were thinking of making some benches/furniture and having a community bookshelf or solar-powered tea cozy nearby. So yes to the furniture ideas!


Could you trawl the free section of Craigslist and post whatever relevant materials you find here so we can start thinking about how to use them?


Also, bikes. We NEED people from the bike community, so I think it would be awesome if you talked to Cyclesmith and others. Tell them we need bike people to cycle around collecting people's ideas, people to do a bike valet, maybe a bike repair thing, whatever! Say we want bike people to design their perfect bike-able neighborhood, painting in bike lanes, etc etc. that would be awesome.


If you and some others are down to go around to the businesses you mentioned and get them involved, that is great. We will need a lot of trees and shrubs and greenery for our ideas, so the Paradise Palm place is awesome for that.


Love the ideas, including the one-way street. Keep them coming!



Thanks Ashley,


I'll definitely check out City Repair. A community bookshelf and solar-powered tea cozy? I'll have to hear more about those sometime, sounds cool. We have a community bookshelf at my work, if I'm thinking of the kind of community bookshelf you are. 


I'll definitely head to the stores when I snag some free time and talk to them about the project and everything you mentioned. Paradise Palm, that's what it was called.. haha. 


Also, I'll post soon with the free materials I found,




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