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Hi, I am new to this site but have had a long time interest. I would like to propose creating a student housing co-op in the Granary District, similar to ones created in Austin, I realize this is not walking distance to campus but it has a lot of appeal. Tell me what you think?

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This sounds like a great idea, Chris!

The Granary isn't walking distance to campus, but it's Trax distance, and we have a Trax stop in our neighborhood.

If you can get the organizational component down ( creating an ICC type of entity ) we can help you find space.

This would be a GREAT addition to the neighborhood!

Thank you James, I really appreciate all you've done and are doing to revitalize this neighborhood. I have emailed the housing department at the U and I believe LDSBC, Westminster and others may be interested.  Another idea I have is a type of green textile business which I think would be a good fit given the area's history and, speaking of green, given the valley wide success of Wasatch community gardens I think a community greenhouse could one day be a unique amenity.

I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with the new SLC chapter of the Impact Hub, I hope to see you at one of their sponsored events in the future and would love to hear more of your vision.




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