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Rachel McKeen has the wonderful idea to have a neighborhood 'Beet Off' where neighbors make or bring their favorite beet recipe and we have a potluck and prizes for best beet recipes.

She also mentioned that this would probably be more successful if we had the 'Beet Off' as part of a neighborhood BBQ with BBQ food.

I for one think this is a great idea, following the outdoor movie night, as the next Granary District neighborhood event. We'd have to do it within the next couple of weeks while beets are still in season.

What do you think about doing this as our next neighborhood event? Where in the Granary should we have it? Who wants to participate?


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Absolutely agree. Sounds like an awesome idea.
I knew you would, Ryan! We could use your cooking skills :)
That sounds like a great idea.

Good! Still working on some logistics.

James, or anyone else, do you know anyone with a BBQ and tables and chairs?

We, devin and i can contribute two.



What's the word on this?
We're planning the next Granary event — a Granary District Beet-off and BBQ (potluck with prizes going to best Beet based dish)
We're having it on October 15 in the early afternoon at a warehouse behind Ed's Place on 700 South.
  •       Ryan and co can provide some tables and chairs
  •       Does anyone have a BBQ (charcoal, or gas) to lend?
  •       What time should we start? noon, 1pm?
  •       What else could we add to keep the event low-key and easy, but fun?
where is the warehouse at?
It's behind Ed's Place on 700 South. More details and photos to follow.

Sounds like fun! I can donate lighter fluid but don't have a BBQ.

Anyone think it could be beneficial to make this a "get to know you" Beet-off BBQ? Perhaps we can highlight some folks a business, resident, and property owner (I can do that)? Also, what if we could get a few business to donate some gift cards for a drawing/raffle? All people have to do to get a ticket is attend a Granary event... and perhaps we give a second ticket if you've attended a previous Granary event...?


Great ideas. Do you have time to set up the raffle before the event? I think even if we only had a 3-5 donations for the raffle it would be cool. Of course, all the donations should come from the Granary District businesses themselves.

I can bring one propane BBQ. I have also invited a friend of mine that is a chef to come participate. Not sure if he'll be able to make it.


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