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Rachel McKeen has the wonderful idea to have a neighborhood 'Beet Off' where neighbors make or bring their favorite beet recipe and we have a potluck and prizes for best beet recipes.

She also mentioned that this would probably be more successful if we had the 'Beet Off' as part of a neighborhood BBQ with BBQ food.

I for one think this is a great idea, following the outdoor movie night, as the next Granary District neighborhood event. We'd have to do it within the next couple of weeks while beets are still in season.

What do you think about doing this as our next neighborhood event? Where in the Granary should we have it? Who wants to participate?


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Yes, I will talk to some of the Granary Business and see what prizes I can drum up:)



I just posted on the FB page, an interesting tid-bit for all to absorb into their psyche.


Ok, so last time, at the movie night, about 40% of the people there came from my friend Tiffiny Hillman, who wasn't actually there. First, everybody be sure to give her shit for not walking from Bountiful after her car broke! :P Second, who's the person in your network with all the pull? Tiffany is mine. It's probably because she's so effing awesome!

Just some food for thought!

You're the chef, Ryan! :)

That's a great idea, Ashlie! Who should we highlight? Rachel and her family would be a great choice, after all, this is her idea!

Maybe you could find a business to highlight too? How about getting Ruby Snap involved, maybe Tami would be into making a Beet themed cookie to enter? Or maybe there's a less-known business we could highlight.

Seth and I can contribute a small propane BBQ. 1pm sounds better to us.
Can we get a team together to silk screen t-shirts as prizes?
Looks like everyone is working hard to make this a great event! I would love to silk screen this weekend. I've got supplies (except the t-shirts - a run to DI?) and would love help with the design if anyone's up for it.
I've got an intern that might be interested in helping out with that. I won't be able to contribute funds this weekend though. Running short on cash.

I'm seeing if our very own Christian Harrison will design the T Shirt. Then we can print it out with Rachel, or at Spilt Ink.


My elite team of interns took care of the t-shirts and silk screening this weekend. We've got about 10 or so to distribute among lucky winners.If Christian also designs a T, the more the merrier, I always say. And my interns agree.


Great, Rachel!
Mark and I are stragglers to this region, adopted and encouraged to crash the party by the lovely Striefel/ Mckeen/ baby Ryan household. We have a medium size flaming red BBQ that we could bring. We also have a picnic table that could sit 10, but it is heavy so I need help hauling it over the great plains: from the base of the Avenues to the District. Our beets are not so hot this year, however: bring the BEETOFF on........

Welcome, Libby and Mark! Thank you for volunteering the BBQ and the picnic table! We could use both.

We'll coordinate transporting the picnic table as we get closer. Looking forward to meeting you and the BEETOFF!


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