The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

We had out first work/ planning meeting on Thursday evening, and it turned out to be a great success. Thank you everyone for coming, and thanks to Wasatch Community Gardens for hosting! Click here for some extra footage from the evening.


Work meeting attendees:

Keri Williams

Susan Finlayson

Ashley Sanders

Jesse Cassar (Shred Shed)

Christian Harrison

Bill Davis

Elke Phillips (Ball Park community council)

Peter Firth

Kim Mason

Robert Shand

Shannon McCallum-Law

Quinn McCallum-Law

Julie Henry

Ashlie Taylor

Chris Brown

John Schaefer

Mark Connors

Matt Monson

James Alfandre


We've had a Block Party kickoff meeting, and two brainstorming site tours, so it was time to get our hands dirty.

We started with introductions then split up into two groups to start planning the Block Party.

*Please become a member of the group(s) you are interested in by clicking on the following links. This is how we will collaborate online to execute these specific elements so we can have a successful Block Party.


First group:

Street Design, Entertainment, Hospitality, Education/Demonstration/Empowerment


What was discussed:

Live music near the Pickle Factory, MAYBE on the Glass Company roof-- Jesse
Busking in front of the pickle factory stoop-- Jesse
Burning man/circus type performers-- Matt
Pearl (performers)-- Rob
Brief history of neighborhood area/photographs-- Keri


Street Design:

Entry points to the block — some kind of built structure-- Keri
pedestrian bridge over RR tracks at north end-- Keri
Flyer boxes with flowers inside them-- Keri
Hammocks hanging from trees for people to use
Diamond rentals (donation/sponsorship)-- street furniture/seating
Street art vendors selling their stuff

Education/ Empowerment:

-Brief history of neighborhood area/photographs-- Keri

-Video/edgy presentation of neighborhood-- Keri to ask Nate Currey
-Huge photos of neighborhood people's faces-- pasted directly onto exterior bldg walls using wheat paste (non permanent)
-Vision wall-- painting on top of which we can put people's vision statements (typed from bicycles)
-Also on the vision wall or all over can go the stickers that say "I wish this was..." for people to put their ideas on.


Second group:

Transportation, Vendors


What was discussed:


-Need to get the bike community more involved so we can have bike lanes, etc. to have complete streets for the Block Party 

-May is bike month— let's capitalize on that.

-Could we do a bike rental program? Tour the Granary District?

-Try to get UTA to extend free fare zone for TRAX to 900 South station and have a shuttle to shuttle people from Artspace at 200 South, down 400 West through the Block Party to 900 South TRAX station

-How to control and calm the automobile.

-We don't want to shut the street down to cars, because the main objective of the Block Party is to create a temporary, realistic, ideal urban neighborhood, which cars are a part of.



-Need to have two main food vendors and one live music vendor and other smaller food and other vendors

-Here is a vendor map of what we discussed and looked at


Granary District Branding

We are going to start a branding campaign to unveil at the Granary District coming out event at the Block Party.

We want everyone to be involved in the brand visioning process (logo, etc). We will continue to talk about this at the meetings, but most of the work will be done online, so please join the 'Granary District Branding' Group, link here, for more information and to join the discussion.


We didn't get to discuss all the elements of the Block Party at the work meeting, but we had some great collaboration and ideas. Because we can only incorporate so many things into the Block Party, I am going to start narrowing our ideas down to a Master list of what will take place and what will be needed for the Block Party.

The Master list will be posted by the end of the week so when we meet again in two weeks we will have specific tasks to work on for the Block Party.


Thanks again everyone, join your group(s) and let's start collaborating online to make the Block Party a neighborhood success!


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Hey all,


This looks great. Because it helps my brain, I am going to flesh out the list our group made and explain it a bit more so that both people who were in it can remember our ideas better and people who weren't can get a better idea of our ideas. I'll post it here and then in the relevant groups, and then we can start a good discussion about our follow-up or further ideas.


I had one question: I know Susan was in the group I wasn't in, and I wanted to know what people discussed about bringing in either a garden or a lot of greenery/edible landscaping. We talked about this in our group, but mainly from an aesthetic perspective, and I think if we could combine our brains we could then figure out how to make the space a good little eden and get the donations we need.





So, here are the ideas our group discussed, fleshed out a bit more:


  • We wanted to make sure we honored the history of the neighborhood and the people who already live here, plus utilize Peter's photographic talents. We wanted to take portraits of neighborhood peeps and then blow them up onto thin but sturdy boards (Robert knows how to do this) on one of the empty walls. The wall could say something like "I live here, and I have ideas." The wall would basically be a neighborhood gallery. Beneath the photos would be people's names and their ideas for the neighborhood. At the actual party, we were hoping to have a little photo booth set up, where people could get their own instant photos taken and add them to part of the wall that says "I want to live here," and add their ideas for the neighborhood. That gives us a fun way to get people involved at the actual block party, creates a powerful visual image on otherwise empty walls, and honors the history of the neighborhood to boot! Plus it is a way to envision the neighborhood.
    • To do this, we need: to make a photo booth and have someone to take pictures; a list of cool people in the neighborhood; Peter etc to go and photograph, Robert and Salt City Artists to blow up and install photos.
  • As an extension of this gallery, we also discussed getting a video artist or two to make a short film about the history of the neighborhood and project it on the walls.
    • Keri needs to ask her contact--a guy who is in urban planning and also makes films--to see if he is down.
  • We want to take the blank cinder block wall and do a rendering of the future neighborhood on it in paint or chalk. Robert said Salt City could definitely do this. They would prefer a permanent piece, but could do chalk or something washable if that isn't possible. On top of that chalk piece, we would put people's typed up ideas for what they want in the neighborhood and where, or those stickers that James posted.
    • We need: permission from the wall owner to make the mural (permanent or temporary), people to man the wall and welcome people to the party (we were thinking we would drop off people from the push cart right in front of this), artists to actually make the wall, and bike messengers to gather people's ideas on typewriters.
  • In addition to rendering a future neighborhood on the cinder block wall, Quinn and others talked about creating some cool, industrial-esque frames to fill in the space and give people a sense of the potential density of the neighborhood in an aesthetically pleasing way. We discussed using wire to frame a series of "buildings," and also finding other cool materials to create the skeleton of a future block. We still need ideas on this front, but the architects among us are letting it percolate!
    • We need: to finalize an idea of how to create a neighborhood-scape, find the materials, and have Quinn, etc make them.
  • To welcome people to the space, we discussed making festive banners and signs directing people to the south entrance, where people "in character" could welcome them and get them on the push car and into the center of the party! We didn't go into much detail, but a really lovely handmade banner (that we could use for future parties, of course) hanging over the entrance would be great. It could say "Welcome to the People's Neighborhood!" or whatever we wanted. Any ideas on cool banner ideas? We also wanted cool, colorful, hand-painted signs and other decor to funnel people into the main entrance to the party.
    • We need: banner ideas, sign ideas, materials, people to make them, and hospitality people to welcome everyone. We also discussed "costuming," which sounds cheesy when said like that--but we need some way to set the hospitality people apart in a kind of festive, I think kind of circus-y way--as imagination agents, if you will.
  • We discussed needing a cool drop-off depot where the push car would stop and drop people off--a funky platform or bridge that would direct them right down to the vision wall where they could be welcomed to the party and get a basic gist of what was going on. Quinn said he could think of ways to build it and help build it, so we need to brainstorm cool ideas on that front!
    • We need: to decide how to build it, get materials, and have people build it.
  • Robert is going to contact street performers from Pearl to do aerial silks, juggling, fire dancing and acrobatics. I forgot where we said we would put these performers, but they can be an "anchor" in the party. Also, Robert wanted to look into doing his group's play inside the Pickle Co.
    • We need: Robert to contact Pearl and his theater peeps, along with Brandon Garcia, and secure all of that.
  • Matt is going to contact Burning Man peeps to see if they want to do stilt walking and fire stuff, along with make or create anything for the party. Hooray!
  • Jesse wants a band on the roof of the glass company (southwest corner) to welcome people to the party, which I think sounds great!
    • Jesse needs to ask the band people and see if they could get their PA up there. We also need permission from the people who own the building.
  • We really want to get urban gardening/landscaping along the street. We wanted to bring in lots of trees and shrubs and maybe some trellises/archways to divide up the space and create "rooms" on the street. We also want a demonstration garden if that is possible. We thought it would be great if we had edible landscaping with signage, so people could eat a tomato off a trellis vine, etc. We also discussed using the back of the Pickle Co. to make a great public eating and garden space, including perhaps some chickens and goats, etc--a model urban homestead.
    • We need: lots of donations of shrubs, trees, plants. Help from Susan and other gardeners to make it into a reality. Lots of prep work to make a garden if we go that route.
  • More general decor: twinkly lights/lanterns strung between buildings, flower pots and boxes on windows and everywhere, painted buildings, murals in all empty spaces, chalk drawings on asphalt, hanging hammocks, etc.
  • We also discussed making some little nooks a la City Repair, a group that makes things like public benches/community bookshelves/solar powered tea cozies and street murals to reclaim space. We thought making some plaster benches and a little bookshelf would be cool.

Okay, that is what I can remember for now. Let's everyone start contacting people on our to do list and lining them up, plus discussing fledgling ideas and moving them along. Also, if people from the other group have ideas to add or cross-pollinate, or if you are making progress on different fronts, let us know so we don't double our efforts.

Wow, great recap of your groups work, Ashley. I am going to post Master lists of what has been discussed and what is going to be implemented at the Block party in the specific  'Groups .

This will help with collaboration efforts and will define what each group is working on so we won't be working on the same thing within groups.

I'll have that done by the end of the week, but until then, keep discussing!!

[repost from the Brainstorming Thread for the Block party]


Hello everyone,


Just came back from the meeting today and I had a bunch of ideas flowing so I thought, I would put them here. I hope this isn't a defunct thread because I can see no one has commented in a while..

I can see you guys have already thought up so many cool things, I think they are really great. 


Soliciting donations sounds really effective, who doesn't love some free advertising? 

Today, I thought of contacting the cycle shop I live next to on 1300 east and 250 south, I think it is called cyclesmith. Has someone contacted them already?

I was thinking they might want to come down and have a booth during the block party. Rent some bikes out to people walking around or offer some repair or maybe just talk to people about their prices and the benefits of bicycling. 


For soliciting, I also thought of the funky furniture store, that I saw when I did the gallery stroll. Maybe they will offer some furniture for the public or maybe just for some of you guys who started this to sit in while you watch everything unfold during the block party. 

Also, I remember a funky plant shop on broadway. They might want to show off some plants.


In terms of materials, I have a large piece of an old sign. It is like plywood with an advertisement on the other side(this surface is smooth, so someone could potentially paint on it). It is pretty big, about 6 feet long and 3 or 4 feet wide. Someone can use it for a canvas for art or something cool, maybe a table top? 


Also, something I am really excited about is the KSL classifieds. They have a free section where people post items they just want taken away for free. I was looking on there just now and I saw free gravel, wood, furniture, entertainment centers, counter tops, old pianos.. so many good items we could recycle and reuse. We just have to pick them up!! I keep thinking of ways we can use recycled items to make really cool street furniture. My father owns a flatbed trailer we could pick things up with.


I don't want to cheapen the project, but I can see some neat possibilities with these free items. I don't know if this is too far from the original initiative or if street furniture has already been worked out, so I would love to get some feedback on this. 


The pushcart and Ashley's ideas are really clever, I would have never have thought of those things. Those would be attention-grabbing for sure. Amazing ideas. 


The last thing I wanted to comment on was something I mentioned at the end of the meeting. I was thinking  a good transportation solution might be a "one-way street"  of sorts. It would have a one way lane for cars and on the other side of the tracks, a one way lane for bicyclists and pedestrians. I realize it doesn't fully meld the idea of cars, bikes, and pedestrians to one street, but it seems practical for this event. Also, I don't know if this would be not allowed because it can be viewed as shutting down the street. Just putting this suggestion out there.


Anyway, this post has gone on for way too long, haha. Input? Comments?  

[repost as well]


Hello Again,

Here are some things I found on KSL.

100 free sheets of blue plastic



suspended ceiling

South jordan, UT   84095   -   Mar 10, 2011 

Approximately three hundred square feet of used commercial grade suspended ceiling panel.
Removed from my home, this is a vinyl coated gypsum board material, 2'x 4' panels white in color. White steel frame material included.

free delivery

Salt lake city, UT   84115   -   Mar 10, 2011 

I have freshly cut pine tree in bundles sizes 2 to 5 inches around and 16 to 20 inches long 15 to 25 pound bundles bundled with bailing wire. wood is still very green. any questions call MATT at 801 750 1108 needs to be gone by 3/11/2011



more stickers than you will ever need

South Jordan, UT   84095   -   Mar 9, 2011 

9000 stickers. 2.5" x 1.5"
Email if interested!


Free Fire Wood

West Valley, UT 

Free Wood, come by any time and pick up as much wood as you want.Pick up close to 4700 S and 3200 W.Just five minutes from I-215



Free Sheet of Dry Wall

West Bounitufl, UT

Free 4x8 sheet of drywall.


Free large rock

Bountiful, UT

Large rock free if you have the means to transport it. We really have no use for it in our front yard and know someone would like it for a rock retent


Plastic Tree and Chair

Draper, UT

Two free items - ready for pick upCall 801 819 9812 (not at night) if interested


patio table

Slc, UT

Patio table. Actually a spool but it works great as a patio table



Here are just a few items, I found them in the classifieds section on It is crazy how much furniture people want to give away because they want to move out, and all the wood people are giving away. There are also tons of people selling fertilizer from their horses (and other farm animals) and tons of construction material available as well. It's really adorable what some people try to give away. By reading these ads I can really tell what people are about. They want to see things reused and not just thrown away. 


These classifieds change quickly, so there is no guarantee we can get the things I have listed here, but I think these are some good examples of what we might use.

Click Here to link to the original posts and ashleys great comments on them. 

If anyone is interested in talking to cyclesmith and Paradise Palm Place let me know, Im planning on talking to the owners of these shops before our next meeting. It would be fun to go as a small group, don't you think? Maybe we can meet at Einstein's bagels next door for breakfast then head to the shops. 


Reply to post if interested!




I hope this picks up traction! Great idea and your enthusiasm is much appreciated. Let me know if you end up getting a group together.
I think it would be very resourceful, we have a VERY limited budget to use the free classifieds! Really great idea, Julie. When we finalize the program, let's start looking at the classifieds.
I really like the idea of creating the one way streets, like you said, shutting the street down might be a logistical nightmare, but something well worth looking into.


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