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Please reply to this discussion for ideas on moving forward with Granary Row ie: possible vendors, structures to get by the 120 sq. ft. fire code, ideas for making Granary Row the best it can be!

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James, could you explain the Fire code issue more for those of us that weren't in attendance?

Yes, it's the International Fire Code which states a structure can only be determined temporary if it is on location for less than 180 days, is less than 120 square feet from outside wall to outside wall, and has 9 people or less in it at any given time.

If the structure doesn't fit one of these 3 requirements, it is required to get a building permit. Our 8'x20' containers are 160 square feet so immediately, so by IFC code requires a permit.

My question though is that there are numerous precedences for temporary structures that are larger than 120 sq. ft. like temporary office trailers, mobile homes, portable classrooms. There are other container markets like Dekalb Market in Brooklyn, NY that have to get by the IFC while still operating and they have the 8'x20' containers operatins side by side.

So, I'd like to figure out a safe, legal way for doing Granary Row by looking at precedences and creative problem solving. Again, the City has been so supportive and helpful, we just need to figure out how to get there.

Hey James,

Do patios count towards the total square footage? Like if we connect two 8x10 containers giving us 160 square feet in a square configuration, then made the front 40 ft a "covered patio" space would that sneak by? You could even do that with the 8x20 one and make the first five feet of the container a patio, if you had to cut open air windows or something in it, that shouldn't be a huge problem.

Just some thoughts.

I don't know if that would count or not, but that's a very good idea, Ben. 

I'm going to explore that more to see what the code allows. There might have to be clearance (fire spread) space between units, I just don't know how big it has to be.

Simple infrastructure pieces needed for Granary Row success

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Lighting/Electricity 
  • Security

Who is active and experienced at addressing these pieces?


We're planning on not tapping down into the sewer or water for cost purposes - instead going with porta potties and portable hand washing stations.

Rocky Mountain power is going to bring temporary power out to the middle of the street and we're going to need a certified electrician to connect the power to Granary Row

Security is going to be an issue and something we're going to have to figure out. Any ideas? I'm mostly worried about tagging, etc. the most.


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