The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

Not sure which committee is working on this, but do we have enough information to create an Event for the Block Party itself -- or at least a Save the Date?  I'd like to start inviting people to the actual Block Party event as an introduction to the District and would like to have the following information:


- date: Saturday, May 21, 2011, right??

- time?

- location coordinates?

- is there a cost?

- will there be food and beverages to purchase? Can people plan on coming down for dinner or it is an afternoon/after dinner thing?

- where would you like people to park?

- what are the other transportation alternatives and directions?

- for what ages is the event appropriate?

- what will people do and experience there?

- what will be asked of them? is there a supporters / "friends of" program? sign-up? give money?  People like to know what will be asked of them??

- Other than what is being created before hand to stage the party, will there be "envisioning" type activities at the event??


While I know you probably want people to join the network, it is a little intimidating at this point -- many people I would invite may be "turned off" by the planning/meeting/etc. focus of the Ning Network.


Also, while I understand the need for the Ning Network as a planning and future discussion community, I recommend there also be a Facebook Page -- this event and save-the-day could be easily hosted in Facebook -- which makes it easy to invite people to the Block Party and get some "buzz" while still encouraging people to take the next step and join the Ning Network.


Okay, now that I've alienated you all by sounding like a grouch, I hope that I can help in create a save-the-date sort of invite. 


Janet Frasier

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