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hey granary folk, 

Joined your group after a suggestion from Lou Barrett.  I'm hunting for some live/work space.  I would ideally have a space that combines the utility of a warehouse, with the ability to prepare food, clean myself and put a bed to sleep on in a portion that is not innundated with dust or dirt.  I know i'm asking a lot in Salt Lake, but if its anywhere, the Granary is where i'll find it.  Please email me at beardyouno at gmail dot com if you have any ideas.  Thanks

David Heiblim

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Welcome, David! There are others who've expressed interest interest in live/work space. 

We're working on making it possible to connect with other future tenants, if desired, and having an inventory of available space in the neighborhood with resources on how to 'ware-stead' that provides information for the best way to move into current light-industrial buildings and change their uses to live/ work space.

Let's stay in touch on this.


Thank you for yor reply.  I enjoy that aesthic in this city and want it to be a flourishing hub.  Anything I can do to participate or help, i'm here.


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