The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

i'm new to this site ... so i'm pretty unfamiliar with the granary district in terms of formal boundaries etc. do we have maps & other ways to view the district on this site? if not i think that would be an excellent resource. for instance, a map showing district boundaries with streets & prominent access points for cars would be helpful. does public trans run through the district? if so, where? where are the stops?

another map could show current businesses or buildings by use. one could go on & on of course ... but a few maps to orient the visitor to the district would be quite helpful in my opinion.

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You bring up some great points. As we speak, a workshop of students in the University of Utah Planning + Arch department are putting together these base maps, along with many others that we're going to look at during the Crowdsourced charrette at the end of April.

We're also starting brainstorming sessions the week of the week of March of 5th to compile lists of information we need for the charrette, etc. so we should look at all of the maps and other information we need to gather.

For now this is the map we have of Granary District boundaries.

More info coming on the charrette and brainstorming sessions so please stay tuned as we'd love to have your input and involvement.


i'm actually up at the U myself as an arch masters student so i was hoping to hear that. i'm not a part of the granary studio but i'm working this semester right down the street on 9th & 9th west planning/design. looking fwd to the charrette

Right next door! Look forward to your participation and insights.

Hey tom, Just saw your post. The RDA also has some maps on there website that show the boundaries etc. You'll have to do some digging but they are there.



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