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What 'I' Want Out of the Granary District - an invitation to property owners.

There's been a lot of talk about what the Granary District needs. I was reading through the Property Owner group thread and noticed some interesting things.

First, there were a lot of questions about what people want. That's good.

Second, there were diverse ideas on what people might want.

Personally, I've spent the last year connecting heavily with the community in various ways, and I've come to learn a few things that might benefit this discussion.

I will use the term 'I' to refer not only to me, but the people I know and have met in the District.


  • 'I' want shared creative/building space
  • 'I' want inexpensive housing in an interesting building (such as a warehouse or old brownstone, small studios are fine)
  • 'I' want community gardens
  • 'I' want a great coffee shop in the area
  • 'I' want a yoga studio in the area
  • 'I' want a decent bar in the area
  • 'I' want an awesome loft, converted from an old building
  • 'I' want a place to start a business and get help (shared start-up/incubation)


We've seen this movie before. Remember the Block Party? People willingly gave us their suggestions. We engaged with them and we know what people want.

It's time for the property owners to take the plunge and start building out their spaces. No, the ROI might not be there right away, but I promise that if you start building, they will come to this community, in droves. If you need some consulting, I'd be happy to tell you what to build next. I would stake my reputation on it. Let's put some of these old buildings to work again.

The people need you to take the next step. They are craving it. You are the catalyst.


PS James do you have those old notes people posted on the Idea Map? These were the only ones I could remember, but I know there were many more.

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Yes Ryan, I have pictures of the notes I can post.

Also, regarding what we want for the District, etc. I have been applying for grants/ funds for a Granary District Crowdsourced Redevelopment Plan to bring the 'Crowd' (current and future tenants), property owners and investors together to implement the neighborhoods the 'Crowd' wants to invest in, building by building, street by street, block by block. This process also requires the expertise of local planners/ architects/ City officials, etc. to assist in the Crowdsourced Redevelopment Plan to make the process and implementation effective and efficient.

Marketing is also be a KEY component of this proces — to spread our mission and attract more tenants/ property owners and investors  — to ultimately make this mission viral to attract as many allies as possible where we have a bigger critical mass and potential tenant base.

There is more to come on this as I will be posting more info on why we need to do this and how we'll do it. I was just waiting to hear back from grants to officially announce it. 

Well, we've received some seed money to hold the charrette, so now it's time to start verbalizing what it is we want to see in our neighborhood in the Granary.

I want to see human-scaled streets like these for starters:

(Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain)


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