The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

To keep the great momentum going from the Block Party, what should the next steps to implementing the neighborhoods we want to see The Granary District be?

We're working on branding the District with a logo, etc. which should be done in a month or two. You can join the branding group here to stay up-to-date with the branding effort. 

We're also planning to conduct a community-driven Granary District Master Plan this fall in conjunction with the University of Utah Planning Department's program (more info forthcoming). Which will lead to micro-charrettes (intense planning sessions) for specific properties and blocks to give deliverables to property owners, etc. to rehab and redevelop their property.

These will be effective tools towards turning the Granary District around, but is there anything we can/ should do in the mean time besides growing the NING group and attracting future tenants?

Lets here it by replying to this discussion.


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Yes, I agree we should meet up as soon as possible to get this going. I'm available mornings until around 1 pm. 


Does Monday morning work for you?

I'm interested in a follow up meeting, with some advance notice!  Monday mornings generally work for me starting on August 8th.

While that day will work for me (perhaps we should have weekly or bi-weekly meetings) I don't think we should wait 3 weeks to meet. We need to meet ASAP and make this happen.


We can always meet again. We should meet often to constantly include new people.

How about we meet sometime next week in the evening. Tuesday/ Wednesday work best for me. It'd be good to get the ball rolling.
Evenings are tough for me right now. I work seven nights a week. Usually I'm not out until 10pm. I cook at the metropolitan so the hours are really up in the air. I don't have to be there until 2pm though. So any time before then works. Otherwise weekends are good too, during the day.
What are your thoughts, James. We can always do a quick lunch if you want.
Yeah, a quick lunch works for me anytime this week. Just let me know and then we can post it to the group to see what days work best for most people.
How about tomorrow, Tuesday, around noon!
I can't do today. Let's try to do it at the end of the week so we can give others a little notice to attend if they're interested.
Ok. Should we plan on Friday at noon then?
Let's plan on this Friday at noon. Where should we meet? Maybe somewhere close to the Granary District like Johnny Kolache's or one of the taco places around there
Sure what's Johny Kolache's?


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