The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

To keep the great momentum going from the Block Party, what should the next steps to implementing the neighborhoods we want to see The Granary District be?

We're working on branding the District with a logo, etc. which should be done in a month or two. You can join the branding group here to stay up-to-date with the branding effort. 

We're also planning to conduct a community-driven Granary District Master Plan this fall in conjunction with the University of Utah Planning Department's program (more info forthcoming). Which will lead to micro-charrettes (intense planning sessions) for specific properties and blocks to give deliverables to property owners, etc. to rehab and redevelop their property.

These will be effective tools towards turning the Granary District around, but is there anything we can/ should do in the mean time besides growing the NING group and attracting future tenants?

Lets here it by replying to this discussion.


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It's a good pastry place on 900 south 300 west. We're going to meet at Albertos though, across the street. Details on the events page!
Sounds great! See you Friday @ noon!


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