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Since 'Festival Street' is just a temporary name for the semi-permanent (1 year long) Block Party II street, what should we officially name it?

Here are some brainstormed ideas:

Ed's Street
Ed's Space (after Ed's Place the diner that's right there)
Grain Ave
Gran Ave
Grain Lane
Makers Place
Makers Street
Middle Lane
Salt Ave
Kilby Way/ Street/ Ave
7th 34 (700 S btwn 300 and 400 W) or 34 7th (btwn 300 and 400W 700 South) -
What do you think? Have any other ideas? When the potential name list is compiled, we'll vote and them, then take the three most popular and vote on those for the winner.
I'll start: I like the idea of referencing this street to a location, so using something like Kilby Ave, Ed's Space and Gran Ave.

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I am new to the community and I see and hear a lot about this Festival Street. I'm having a hard time finding any old blog posts about what exactly it is, where it is, and what it will entail. Can you point me in the right direction? 

Hey Chase! This link briefly explains it. If you still have any questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to explain further.


Middle Lane

Im going to add it to the list! Middle Lane.

I like Gran Avenue. Or maybe Salty Way.

Salty Way! Added. These will all be complied and then voted on. Thanks for the feedback.

A notion of 'right of way' and the term 'skid row' ...

700 Row 

Granary Row

or, the notion of a junkyard or stockyard where things are maintained temporarily...

The Yard

The 700 Yard

The Grain Yard

Granary Yard

or, the notion of slc block size mixed with Studio54...



Great ideas, Doug! I like Granary Yard (The Yard) or Granary Row. I'll add 'em.

Okay, everyone, the finalists for the name are up!

Please vote for your favorite, here:


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