The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

What tenants would we like to attract to the Granary District?

Growth in the Granary District is inevitable. The question is: What kind of growth do WE want to see?

Chain stores, local businesses, light industrial (sculpture, light welding, light manufacturing, etc), live music venues, bars, etc.?

I think a healthy mix of ALL of these (light on the chains) would be the making of a great neighborhood.

I'd like to attract more live music venues to the District and concentrate them together to create a mini live music District. Lance Saunders is already pioneering this idea with Kilby Court and I'm sure there are other music entrepreneurs who's want to relocate to the Granary, too.

What (kinds of) tenants do you want to see in the Granary? If you know of a specific business/tenant who'd want to relocate to the Granary, invite them to join this group and to come to the charrette at the end of April!

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I think this neighborhood needs a market. Something that offers foods and an overall experience which is different from what you can find elsewhere. Maybe somewhere that local vendors can provide specialty and ethnic foods. I know that there has been discussions about a year-round farmers market in Salt Lake, and I think that the Granary would be a perfect spot for it, especially if if was connected to downtown with a streetcar. 

Also, I'd like to see more restaurants like El Viroleno and Johnny Kolache's which provide awesome food and a great experience that you can't find elsewhere in the valley. 

Obviously, everything revolves around food for me...


I think you're right on. I think we missed out on the year-round market as the City, I believe, is looking at the Rio Grande building and want to keep it closer to downtown, but the Granary would be perfect for a year round market, or something like Chelsea Market in NYC.

We do, however, have some great local restaurants/ food stores to build off of like Kolaches, El Virleno, the Bodegas on 600 West, Frida Bistro and Ruby Snap. Bring in a couple more local, good restaurants, and we have the makings of a restaurant row. Something that would get the Granary going!

In addition to the discussion already going, I agree with Jon about a market.  A big livability issue for the reemergence of districts (like the Granary) is the neighborhood market(s).  That means the establishment and cultivation of local grocers to eliminate the food desert problem. As a resident, "If I want to live, work, and play in MY community, I'm going to have to buy groceries (to eat cheaply) in MY community!"

Ergo - I can't and don't want to drive miles to a massive supermarket for a multi-week supply of perishable and non-perishable artificially processed foods.  Getting Utah's Own and it's respective product vendors involved with the charrette is critical.  

I like the idea of a mini-music district/scene.  Quickly brainstorming places to create a mini-model after:

  • Music City district between Broadway and Church in Nashville, TN
  • Beale Street Area and Cooper-Young Neighborhood in Memphis, TN
  • Pearl District (slightly northeast of Burnside St. and I-405) in Portland, OR
  • West Hawthorne Area (west of Hosford/Abernethy District) in Portland, OR
  • Other Unknown....
    • Boston Example?
    • Montreal Example?
    • Paris Example?
    • British/Irish Example?
    • Vancouver Example?
    • New Orleans Example?
    • Brooklyn Example?

With Smith's on 9th and 9th West and the bodegas on 600 West around 500 South, there are some local places just outside the Granary, a couple of blocks away. The bodegas are amazing by the way, and M Flores Corp came to the Block Party and sold there fresh produce.

That being said, there is a need for a local neighborhood market, eventually several, IN the Granary.

Any ideas of local markets to start courting? Is Wasatch Coop still looking for space?

I don't know where things stand with Wasatch Coop, but I love Jeremy's idea of reaching out to Utah's Own businesses. They will likely have some great ideas. Maybe instead of just selling goods at a market in the Granary, some of them could set up shop there, too. Wouldn't it be sweet to get a strong grouping of light food manufacturers to add to the bean, taffy, and cookie makers? 

I have no idea what it takes to get a thriving music district going, but I think that's something that could give a strong identity to the neighborhood and draw people in. 

Yes, it would! A food making district/ anchor ... love it!

Hi James,

I am working to bring both The Hub and TechShop to Salt Lake City and I think the Granary District would be a perfect fit.  Take a look at these links when you get a chance.  I'd be happy to discuss more on Wednesday.  Blog posts coming soon!


Both of these businesses are extremely compatible with the Granary as a place for makers and doers.

We look forward to your continued involvement in the future of the Granary. See you at the next Klatch!

Hi Jenn,

I'd like to hear more about what The Great Salt Make is all about.  Can you shoot me an email and tell me a bit more?  My email is:

I'd also like to see space for a variety local non-profit organizations or collectives, particularly ones which do work that brings people together and naturally builds community. I work a lot with Peaceful Uprising and we're currently looking for a new space. In addition to being a space to work, build art, have meetings, etc. we also really want to create a commons - something open and inviting where folks can just drop in and get connected with our community. I think the Granary District would be an excellent location for us!

Jake, there are already a lot of nonprofits down in the Granary, especially over at the Artspace Commons, like Wasatch Community Gardens, Save Our Canyons and other environmental nonprofits, and it'd be great if more relocated to the neighborhood! 

There is a need for more community gathering space like you've described. The Granary could be a great place for Peaceful Uprising to relocate. What size space are you looking for? Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

Hey James and Jake, 

So glad to see Peaceful Uprising has already come up in this discussion. Ashley Sanders, myself and other PeaceUp organizers are very serious about pursuing this. James, any available warehouses or properties for sale or rent that you can connect us with? 


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