The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

What tenants would we like to attract to the Granary District?

Growth in the Granary District is inevitable. The question is: What kind of growth do WE want to see?

Chain stores, local businesses, light industrial (sculpture, light welding, light manufacturing, etc), live music venues, bars, etc.?

I think a healthy mix of ALL of these (light on the chains) would be the making of a great neighborhood.

I'd like to attract more live music venues to the District and concentrate them together to create a mini live music District. Lance Saunders is already pioneering this idea with Kilby Court and I'm sure there are other music entrepreneurs who's want to relocate to the Granary, too.

What (kinds of) tenants do you want to see in the Granary? If you know of a specific business/tenant who'd want to relocate to the Granary, invite them to join this group and to come to the charrette at the end of April!

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Hey Renae - 

Yes, and were working on that right now. We have an internal meeting Thursday night to figure out start figuring out how we can best provide this service for "match-making".

You/ Peaceful can be the guinea pig! :)

Hello, just coming across these message boards after attending opening night of Granary Row. Looks promising. I was just wondering where the conversation is at now? Are you still looking for businesses to move in the area? Have you had anymore group meetings?

Hey Sean!

Thanks for joining and coming to Granary Row! We recently had a mini-charrette for the Kilby Block, will be having our 3rd annual neighborhood Block Party this summer and will continue having coffee klatches and other neighborhood events to plan for and implement projects that came out of the Granary District Crowd-sourced Charrette

We'll be updating this Crowdsite shortly with more information and more discussions.

Thanks again for your interest.

I am a recent Urban Planning masters grad moving to the Salt Lake City area for a new work opportunity. I was drawn to this website for the interesting spaces and potential to shape growth - I am interested in renting in a living in a fun, walkable area (previously living in NYC) and have a strong background in working toward creating neighborhood vitality. I am interested in learning more about available properties and am wondering if I may be in contact with someone that would be able to help in my newest venture.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated - please contact via email ( at your convenience.

Thank you and all the best,


Nice to meet you, Callie! Thank you for your interest in the neighborhood. There some available properties in the neighborhood, but it's always changing, and our list hasn't been updated yet. We're going to have a coffee klatch soon as we're working towards our 4th annual block party this month. Please stay tuned on this site for more info, and we look forward to meeting you!




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