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Quinn -

Would you explain the problem in a little detail with creating fee simple, attached, small lots? Zoning Ordinance? Parking? Market Acceptance? Building Code? etc.? That row you took a picture of is dynamite. Where is it, again?


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Isnt' that project great? its in Amsterdam, I haven't been there in person but a friend interested in a microlot sent me that and a number of other photos of the same project when I first started contacting folks I thought might want a home like this.

Many lots in the area are currently zoned D-2. Which only requires 1/2 a parking spot per unit and has no minimum lot size, nor a setback requirement. But does not allow single family new builds unless it already exists on the lot (legal non-conforming use) A duplex or live-work situation could work still.

However, if I understand right, Salt Lake City's "Site Development Ordinance ( does not allow lots smaller than 30'Wx 100'D unless it is approved as a flag lot. And flag lots are generally not permitted. This is all found on page 11. Some of the people at the RDA alerted me to this when I first approached them with the idea. 

So if someone wanted to do even a 20'x75' lot or series of them, which I would consider to be more than ample for this type of project. Those are the hurdles faced in the challenge without creating codominiums or strata lots. 

It of course is still possible to do, but for a smaller project of 4-8 lots. The work becomes arduous to the point of losing the ability to sell them profitably or even at all. I'm not sure that I could even cover my hours on a privately owned lot as opposed to an RDA lot.

I have had a lot of interest in fee simple lots, gathered a list of interested parties. However as soon as I've mentioned HOA's or CCR's or other options I have suggested I've been met with negative response.

Does that answer what you were asking? Please feel free to PM or email me as some things I may have forgotten and some things I've left out intentionally as I've put a lot of time into this. 

Thanks to you and James for your interest in the area. 

Seriously, Quinn. Tell me if I'm getting it: 1. D-2 allows everything you want except, for a SF detached (attached townhouse, duplex, mixed commercial residential are OK) unless it is being renovated? If that is true, it seems to be how the D-2 prevents "historic" tear downs; kind of a reverse preservation app. 2. If you have a raw parcel, a similar sized lot (30W  or less) to my #1 can't be created? Perhaps because of no perceived set backs? So a mix and match urban/suburban regulatory stew. 3. You don't want to do allowable, smaller lots (20WX75) because you don't want to mess with the cost and/or market resistance of Condo, HOA, CCR regime and docs? Tweak me if I'm still missing something, and let's figure out how you can solve this.


Im still figuring it out, I am new to this so this is my best interepretation:

1. Single family, attached or detached, will not be allowed without being part of a larger hoa driven development that makes it a multifamily project. If the lots were sold fee-simple, and the buyer simply wanted a single family home it would not be permitted regardless of wether it spanned the width of the property or not. Making it a duplex of some nature would fix that (mfr or retail/office over sfr) but the size of the lot is still problematic. That leads to #2

2. Correct, unless its allowed as a flag lot. Which are not allowed without topographical condition convincing the planning commission to give you a waiver.

3. I want to do the small lots and would like to avoid HOA etc due to marketability from what interested parties have expressed and cost/inneffeciencies for smaller projects. I personally don't mind the idea of an HOA, although we've all seen nightmarish situations with them. There are lots of +'s and -'s with them.

I got you. I didn't think the regulatory environment could get any more pedantic...but if you live long enough, well... May I send you some examples/ideas/product for your consideration, with experiential explanation? I think it may be a useful starting point toward tackling this. If so, and you can give me a few days to collect and send, it ought to at least help narrow things down for you. FYI, I am retired from building, but like nothing better than arguing with penalty flags from my recliner. Haha. 


Any and all help is definitely appreciated! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you very very much! My email is or

Thanks Joe!

Any time.


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