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I have been doing a lot of research as of late regarding this and I am wondering if anyone has idea's, recommendations, or contacts for this.

Essentially from what I can figure out, there is no way to create them with a fee simple standing. 

A townhome scenario built by one developer and run by an HOA is one way to circumnavigate this issue but it does not create the end result I would like. (The goal is unique, and structurally autonomous Row-homes.)

I am currently looking at 99 year leases as an option and wondering if anyone has thoughts regarding this. Precedents etc.

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Hmmmmmmm, interesting. Is this for Architects Row?! Cool!

Yes for that. Were going to have a lot of rows down here. Ha. If anyone has insight into zoning req's I'd love to here it.

Yes we are! That's a good thing. Maybe this is something that should be put into the charrette book that will influence the future zoning of the District? To make sure zoning allows for micro-lots.

Tried replying to this the other day from my phone... guess it never posted. I think that would be great James. I just noticed Joe's response to the 300 sf apartment conversation. I think all of that is great! 

Its funny because all the properties I am looking at for this or buying are zoned D-2 which would allow it, but the site development ordinance is where the hiccups are. I've got to call Planning and Zoning see if they can help. On one of the sites I could build 30 apartments or condos, but I cant make even six town-home microlots.

Let us know what you find out.


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