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I'm very excited about the district's development, and would love to be a part of it.  I would like to get in touch with property owners who are interested in creating a work/live space to rent.  I am a filmmaker and design student and I need a large workspace with flexible hours, and I'm interested in helping to furnish a space with efficient/off-grid fixtures and appliances.

So, are there any other tenants, prospective or current, who are looking for people to discuss these possibilities with?  

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There have been others with similar interests to yours. Let's figure out a way to start actively promoting this and getting other like-minded tenants and property owners as well.

That's something this site is lacking - effectively matching tenants to property owners.

I'd like to use your request as the catalyst for using this site as a better way to match-make.

Yes, the notification issues can hopefully be fixed as timely communication is critical. We are currently brainstorming better options now and will talk more/ get feedback at the klatch.


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