The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.


This site is run by The Kentlands Initiative, and is for neighbors, businesses, property owners, and allies interested in the growth and redevelopment of the Granary District. Together, we can transform the Granary District— which, today is full of old warehouses, vacant lots, and thriving local businesses—into a vibrant, urban neighborhood, just blocks from downtown.

We've already had THREE (Block Party 1, 2, 3), created a Neighborhood Narrative, a branding campaign, conducted a week-long Crowd-sourced Redevelopment charrette, which in turn produced the idea for Granary Row, to bring excitement, coalitions and capital to the neighborhood to achieve neighborhood redevelopment goals.

We'd love to have you! So, sign up, and get started by adding a profile picture so we can recognize one another when we meet face-to-face!

Connect with us on twitter and facebook and don't forget to invite others who might be interested. The stronger coalition we have, the better!

Why now: The pioneering efforts of a few visionary businesses already in the district, has caught the attention of the City, who is at this very moment planning for a streetcar line to connect the Granary District with Downtown Salt Lake City. But instead of having just a couple of people decide where the line should go and then hoping that private investment follows after, WE can be the ones who shape the future of the district!

How: Collaboration is key. The City is eager to turn this District into a vibrant neighborhood where many can live, work and play. But they need partners—property owners, businesses, tenants—to make it happen. That's where WE come in! By finding people interested in the neighborhood BEFORE the streetcar line is decided and development begins, development and investment is easier, faster, less expensive, and more MEANINGFUL. This is what is called "tenant-driven development", and it's the secret to turning this neighborhood around.

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