The Granary District

Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

Neighborhood Narrative

The Granary District is a diverse neighborhood with diverse neighbors. It's both out of the way and in the middle of it all. 600 South sits on its north side, West Temple its east, and I-15 is to its west and south. The City's lifeblood courses around and through — binding it together and setting it apart, all the while connecting it to Downtown and the gray and green patchwork of residential and commercial neighborhoods to its west and south. 


It's a hard-working neighborhood. It grew up around the railroad — light and heavy industry, warehouses and silos — but as the railroad moved west, many of the businesses moved with it. Today, the ones that stayed are thriving and rubbing elbows with artists, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, and pioneering young families who've flocked to fill in the spaces. Of course … the buildings worked as hard as the people, and today the neighborhood is blessed with a heritage of warehouse and industrial spaces begging to be renewed and reborn — and to be put back to work. 


The Granary District has always been a productive place, and its brightest future is as a haven for makers — people with dirty hands, big ideas, and warm hearts. 


It's gritty, diverse, and grounded.

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