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City Council pushing for streetcar through The Granary District

I was lucky enough, or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it, to have attended the working Salt Lake City council meeting yesterday, May 11. One of the major agenda items was the study of a viable streetcar line connecting The Granary District at the 900 South 200 West, running it up either 400 West or 500 West, then running it east to at least 500 East, with a final eastern terminus to be decided upon later. Councilman Luke… Continue

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Imaginings of the perfect neighborhood

I came across this article today from 'GOOD' and thought is was quite accurate on suggesting some things that can make a neighborhood 'perfect.'

Here is what the article said:

GOOD imagines the perfect…


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Old streetcar ties dug up


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Tansit ? I always have my doubts about UTA, They have cobbled their way through the city in such a hap-hazard way I doubt their competence. Another non-compatible track system to where? Streetcars eat streets (maybe Good) but they should have more than one purpose. People don't shop with them, They might commute with them . What demographic are they serving. Are the buses full on the proposed route. What are the masterplans for these areas. I still see cheap 30 year or less hotels being built… Continue

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Better Granary blocks


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Jane Jacobs: The neighborhood champion

Jane Jacobs has had a profound affect on urban planning. In her best known book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jacobs stands up for established, urban neighborhood and defends its authenticity and benefits in a world that was shifting towards suburbs, highways and strip malls. She believed that places like Greenwich Village in New York City were perfect examples of how neighborhoods are effective, safe,…

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Possible streetcar alignments through Granary District

It has been said that the Granary District is reminiscent of Portland, Oregon's Pearl District. With the city, lead by the Redevelopment Agency, wanting to improve transportation options by…


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Utah Bike Summit Report

(Bicycle commuters in Amsterdam)

It was a worthwhile event. The bike summit brought hundreds of bicycle commuters, activists and community leaders together for two days to discuss the benefits of bicycling, especially commuting, and current obstacles that need to be overcome, which seem to be manageable. Like more infrastructure, funding (Utah currently spends $1.27 per capita on walking and biking programs, while… Continue

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Utah Bike Summit

Just a heads up, the Utah Bike Summit is tomorrow and Saturday. The purpose of it is "Building Strong Voices for Bicycling." It's something I've been looking forward to for a couple of months now as I've really started to appreciate the benefits of bicycling (it's so fun and convenient!), especially after living in downtown DC for three years.

When transportation… Continue

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