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Shared Space: How to Make a Better Space for All

As we start thinking more about what design elements should be considered in the Granary District and executed at the charrette this Spring, it's important to think about an environment that is inclusive and equal for all pedestrians and transportation modes; it's called Shared…


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Mayor Symposium: Granary District

This year the Mayor Symposium is focusing on the Granary District. It should be a very interesting event with some great speakers. It's open to the public, so you should come if you can!…


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How our built environment effects our lives

There's a great article in the New York Times about the repercussions of our nation's development pattern over the last 50+ years.

One of the more interesting statistics, is "In 1974, 66 percent of all children walked or biked to school By 2000, that number had dropped to 13 percent."

“Children who grow up in suburbia can’t meet their life needs…


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What's in your perfect Granary neighborhood?

I came across this article today from 'GOOD' and thought it was quite accurate on suggesting some things that can make a neighborhood 'perfect.'

Here is what the article said:

GOOD imagines the perfect…


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Granary District crowdsourced redevelopment charrette!

In late Spring of this year, we'll be partnering with leading local and national (mainly local) design and neighborhood redevelopment initiators to continue our effort in resurrecting the Granary District through a five-day intense design session called a 'charrette'.

We've come a long way…


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Last call for branding pictures!

Hello again, everyone! We sent out a little homework assignment to assist in the final stretch of the branding process before the break:

"Walk around your favorite parts of the district and snap some photos of lettering you love — faded signs painted on the sides of buildings, business signs, building names, whatever! Then post the photos by replying to this…


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It's the holidays and we're ....

We'll be sending out an update on future projects and happenings after the New Year.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Temporary uses can enliven neighborhoods

Temporary urbanism is a tool to enliven urban spaces through implementing temporary uses in neighborhoods that have some vacant space, like The Gran. You can read a great article on temporary uses here.

We did a great job of showing the benefits of temporary uses with the Crowdsourced Granary District Block Party…


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Last branding focus group meeting

We had our last Granary District branding focus group meeting last night, with an unbelievable turnout, honest discussion and great collaboration. 

Erik Steffensen and his tenants all showed and brought a lot of new ideas and input to the branding process.

We're now tweeking the logos and will be posting on this site for review, so stay tuned!

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9Line/ River District Gardens Community Celebration (in The Granary neighborhood)

There are some exciting happenings going on in and around The Granary District! Check this out:

WHAT:             Community Celebration

WHEN:  …


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A New Granary District Community Garden!

Want to grow your own vegetables and meet your neighbors in The Granary District? Come learn how you can be a part of starting a new community garden next to Artspace Commons! For more details, click…


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Granary Beet-off and BBQ Recap

What's better than good food and great company in a gritty, urban atmosphere that inspires and excites neighbors to see the potential of The Granary District? Adding a Beet-off contest (prizes for best beet-inspired dish) and Beet-off t shirts to the mix, of course!…


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Granary District Beet-off and BBQ

Don't forget to come this weekend! Check out the details, here.

And check out the Facebook event…


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Location of the Granary District Beet-Off and BBQ!

Check out the hidden urban gem that will host our next event! Stay tuned for more details!…


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Granary District movie night

This photo is from setting up for movie night in the backyard of the Utah Pickle Factory in the Granary District.

It was a great night with fresh popped popcorn, friends, and The Goonies

Thank you to Lou Barrett for hosting us and everyone…


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Granary District movie night!!

Don't forget to come to The Granary District movie night! Hope to see you all there! Click here for details. And here for the Facebook events…

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Crowdsourcing is an effective tool in grassroots engagement!

As we're seeing in the Granary District, crowdsourcing is becoming an effective model for grassroots/ community engagement to resurrect The Granary District.

It is also becoming an effective tool in rebuilding Vermont after Hurricane Irene.

Cool story,…


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Sound bite from a Granary District branding meeting

We'll be posting documents soon for comments, so stay…


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Granary District movie night!!

Lou Barret, the new owner of the Pickle Factory, is going to host the first neighborhood movie night! It's going to take place in the backyard (pictured below).



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New Block Party video (kind of)

Here's an edited, condensed, new-footage video of the Block Party and next-steps that the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City asked me to present at their monthly meeting yesterday.
My favorite part starts around 10:07! Go Granary!!
I have also been applying for grants so we can do the community-driven economic…

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