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Granary District Block Party Tour!

This intersection, 800 South and 400 West looking north, is where The Granary District Block Party is happening this May. The group is going on an introductory tour Wednesday, Nov 10 at 9am to brainstorm.

Here in the official message:…


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Granary District Block Party!!

So, I've been thinking that it would be a great idea to put on a Block Party for the Granary District. An event that will highlight local businesses and assets of the district to spur local investment and growth. I've been messing around with a mission statement and it looks something like this ...


With successful local businesses, a planned…


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Streetcars are officially coming to Salt Lake!

This seemed like it was going to take a lot longer to secure the federal funds needed to construct the Sugar House streetcar line after Salt Lake was denied funding after its first attempt, so this is very exciting news!

You can find the article about it here.

This is BIG news for the city. Salt Lake has been on the forefront for transportation infrastructure and adding streetcar to TRAX will catapult it into the… Continue

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Downtown/ Granary District streetcar talk resurrected

After federal funding fell through for the Sugar House streetcar line almost a year ago, streetcar talk in general died throughout the city. However, with today's article in the Salt Lake Tribune, it seems that the city has been working diligently to overcome the lost federal fund a year ago and focus on a downtown line that…


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Artspace Grand Opening

Artspace Commons on 800 South 400 West, in the Granary District is having its ribbon cutting ceremony this Friday at 4pm. I don't know what to expect, but I'm kind of interested to see what the insides look like. Hopefully it's miles better than the outside!

Is anyone else planning on…


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Public market headed for The Granary District?

This article was in the Trib yesterday about a proposed 80,000 square foot public market to be built along 600 South and 500 West, at the tip of The Granary District. The developer hopes that the market becomes a focal point for the city and tourism, like Pike Place Market (pictured below) in Seattle, Washington.…


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Salty Streets in The Granary District

Another local, cool event happening in The Granary District! I just found out about the Salty Streets Flea Market that is happening this weekend at Kilby Court which is right behind The Utah Pickle Company. It sounds like a lot of fun, and if you haven't been to Kilby Court yet, this will be a great…


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One of the many local, thriving businesses in The Granary District

My Dough Girl, located at 770 South 300 West, in The Granary District, has some of the best of cookies I've ever tasted, but unfortunately it's success has given it some unwanted publicity.

The Pillsbury Company, who's mascot is the Pillsbury Dough Boy is taking legal action against My Dough Girl for trademark…


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Walking tour of The Granary District

I had the opportunity to attend a walking tour of The Granary District, sponsored by ULI and hosted by DJ Baxter, the Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) for Salt lake City, and Robin Hutcheson, transportation specialist.…


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City Council pushing for streetcar through The Granary District

I was lucky enough, or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it, to have attended the working Salt Lake City council meeting yesterday, May 11. One of the major agenda items was the study of a viable streetcar line connecting The Granary District at the 900 South 200 West, running it up either 400 West or 500 West, then running it east to at least 500 East, with a final eastern terminus to be decided upon later. Councilman Luke… Continue

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Imaginings of the perfect neighborhood

I came across this article today from 'GOOD' and thought is was quite accurate on suggesting some things that can make a neighborhood 'perfect.'

Here is what the article said:

GOOD imagines the perfect…


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Old streetcar ties dug up


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Better Granary blocks


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Jane Jacobs: The neighborhood champion

Jane Jacobs has had a profound affect on urban planning. In her best known book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jacobs stands up for established, urban neighborhood and defends its authenticity and benefits in a world that was shifting towards suburbs, highways and strip malls. She believed that places like Greenwich Village in New York City were perfect examples of how neighborhoods are effective, safe,…

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Possible streetcar alignments through Granary District

It has been said that the Granary District is reminiscent of Portland, Oregon's Pearl District. With the city, lead by the Redevelopment Agency, wanting to improve transportation options by…


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Utah Bike Summit Report

(Bicycle commuters in Amsterdam)

It was a worthwhile event. The bike summit brought hundreds of bicycle commuters, activists and community leaders together for two days to discuss the benefits of bicycling, especially commuting, and current obstacles that need to be overcome, which seem to be manageable. Like more infrastructure, funding (Utah currently spends $1.27 per capita on walking and biking programs, while… Continue

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Utah Bike Summit

Just a heads up, the Utah Bike Summit is tomorrow and Saturday. The purpose of it is "Building Strong Voices for Bicycling." It's something I've been looking forward to for a couple of months now as I've really started to appreciate the benefits of bicycling (it's so fun and convenient!), especially after living in downtown DC for three years.

When transportation… Continue

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