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Block Party II Recap

Granary District Block Party II from The Kentlands Initiative on Vimeo.

Thanks to Kevin Blalock, Jeff White, the Pickle Factory for their support. What a time! And it was successful for a number of reasons. First, a lot of people came! People who have been…


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Granary District market

Some think the Granary is a food desert, but we know that's not true! M. Flores and the other surrounding bodegas offer some great produce, groceries and tamales on Saturdays. 

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Another Granary District Gem

This is the inside of the Hyde Building, just north of the Pickle Factory. Amazing, isn't it? At the charrette we talked about how to get more vacant buildings occupied in an efficient, cost-effective, safe way.

Wouldn't you love to live or work in the space when it's finished? Some good people are already working on making that happen!

Are there any…


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Community Planning Conference

This sounds interesting, especially as we move forward with designing further the neighborhood organizing elements that came out of the charrette (inter-block connections, plaza, etc.)

I'll be out of town, but if someone decides to go, take notes! and report…

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Block Party II


Come support the Granary District. It's going to be fantastic! 


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1st Post-charrette Coffee Klatch Recap

After some scheduling conflicts, we finally had the opportunity to meet and discuss one of the main next steps post-charrette: The festival street (need to come up with a better name for it) located between 300 and 400 West on 700 South. Thank you to the Barretts for hosting again at the Utah Pickle Factory, Doug Woodruff for bringing the print-outs, and to all who…


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The Granary District and neighborhood start-up, The Foundry, in Fast Company!!

There is an incredible article (read it here) in Fast Company, one of the leading technology, business and design magazines out, about a Granary District entrepreneur incubator,…


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Granary District salvage system for the neighborhood

There were a lot of fabulous ideas to come out of the Granary District crowdsourced charrette. One of many I've been thinking of lately is the idea of a Granary District Re-store/ salvage yard type of neighborhood service.

With all of the old buildings in the Granary, most will be…


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We're in the Trib! - "Salt Lake City's Granary District fights gentrification"

Our crowdsourced charrette was front page news on this morning. I think the article did a good job of recapping the charrette. Although some important points and ideas were left out, the one that made a big impression on the reporter…


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Granary District Charrette Wrap-Up!

Whew! What a week! Thank you to all those who came and participated in person and via the live stream. And a special thanks to the charrette team who produced some fabulous material. For pictures of the charrette, check out the album, here.



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The Granary District Charrette — We're in the thick of it!

We have a lot of work to do leading up to the closing presentation on Tuesday evening. We've made some great progress and some incredible ideas have been presented regarding the future of the Granary. These ideas have been driven by our Neighborhood Narrative, which is…


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It's the Granary District Fairy ...

Leaving goodies (invitations to the charrette) for neighborhood residents, businesses and property owners. Wanna co-design your future neighborhood? Then come! Details…


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Charrette Agenda!

For the detailed session explanations, go here.

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Check out the Granary District Charrette Agenda!!

It's going to be held at 426 West 700 South in the Granary District.

Click here for the detailed agenda, and don't forget to RSVP at the linked Facebook event page, and invite others!

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5th Pre-charrette Coffee Klatch Recap

Had some really good discussion about how to incorporate and promote bike infrastructure and culture in the Granary District at our last klatch in the Pickle Factory.

Some other brainstorming ideas that were brought up were:

Bike corrals
Covered bike parking
Loop detectors for bikes
Create community to propose families biking together
Bike Pumps
Bars and nightlife to give ppl…

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4th Pre-charrette Coffee Klatch Recap

We met at the offices of Blalock & Partners, and had some drinks and snacks (thanks Kevin Blalock and others for providing) and got to work!

The topic: Discussing hurdles to redeveloping / repositioning properties in the Granary District and reviewing the charrette agenda.…


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3rd Pre-charrette Coffee Klatch

Another great, productive, exciting coffee klatch!

Those in attendance:

Dustin Haggett

Kate Spears



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2nd Coffee Klatch Recap

Wow, what a time! The 2nd meeting of the Granary pre-charrette coffee klatch series was a tremendous success!

Those in attendance:

Bill Kendrick

Jenn Blum…


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1st Coffee Klatch Recap

We had our first coffee klatch on Wednesday night at Nostalgia Coffee. We had coffee, beer and muffins, sat down at a big communal table and started brainstorming existing assets of the Granary District to see what we can add value to and build off of as the neighborhood grows.

Those in attendance:…


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How streetcars can activate a neighborhood space

I love this video because it shows all all forms of transportation and pedestrians can co-mingle, creating a vibrant neighborhood.

The future Granary District streetcar should serve the same purpose. What do you think about the video? Does the organized chaos scare you, or get you excited for the Granary's future?

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