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Granary District 5 Annual Block Party

Join your neighbors in the Granary District this weekend for our Fifth Annual Granary District Block Party at Granary Row! This Friday, we're celebrating five years of crowd-sourced community development — and the neighborhood which inspired it — with food trucks, a bounce house for the kids, live music, and Granary Row's famous biergarten.

Bring your dancing…


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A new brewery and warehouse conversion coming to the 'hood!

Atmosphere Studios has bought the warehouse on the north side of the street of 700 S between 300 and 400 West. Above is a rendering for what the conversion is going to look like and it's exciting. that warehouse has been vacant for the better part of seven years. Welcome to the neighborhood, Atmosphere!

And the neighbor to Atmosphere is going to be a…


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Granary District 4th Annual Block Party!

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RECAP: 1/28/14 Granary District Coffee Klatch

The first klatch of the new year was again focused mostly on Granary Row Season 2.

Main discussion points were:

  • Should the biergarten security fence be around the entire Row so people can walk everywhere with their beer, or should it just be around the biergarten? This was discussed at length with the majority agreeing that fencing the entire Row could…

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RECAP: 12/3/13 Granary District Coffee Klatch


Our last klatch was held on a snowy, stormy evening Tuesday the 2nd at Sustainble Startups in Art Space Commons. It was great to get together over coffee, and drinks to recap the first season (!) of Granary Row and ideas for the next season.

Those in attendance

Matt Swindle, Imbue…


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New neighborhood mural

We have a new mural in the 'hood thanks to Trent Call and the amazing artists at Captain Captain Studios.

Can you guess what the message of the mural is?

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3rd Annual Granary District Block Party!

It's that time of year again! Our neighborhood's THIRD Block Party! This time we'll be getting together and celebrating at Granary Row  - our neighborhood's pop-up festival street that was planned at…


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Granary Row Opening Night!

We'll, we did it! One of the many ideas that came out of the Granary District Crowd-sourced Charrette last year is up and running. Just shows what a neighborhood can accomplish when it comes together!

You can find more photos…


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Granary Row Construction Has Begun!!

Gearing up for the Grand Opening on June 15th! The Granary Row stage is rising. More updated to come!

What do you think so far?

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Save the date!

A continuation from the Granary District charrette, this mini, one-day charrette looks at the Kilby block as a pilot project for accessing the middle of the blocks through pedestrian, bicycle and auto easements to bring activity and vitality to…


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Coffee (Beer) Klatch Recap

We went on a field trip for this klatch. Uinta is running Granary Row's biergarten so we figured we'd get well acquainted with what we're dealing with :)

Those who were able to attend were:





Devin Despain

Shawn Peterson


Chase Petrey

Jess Petrey

We caught up on where are…


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Bike Sharing: What is it and how could it benefit the Granary District?

By: Havilah

Bike-sharing, is a service in which bikes are made available for shared use to individuals

who do not own them. Bicycle sharing systems can be divided into two general

categories: “Community Programs" organized mostly by local community groups or non-…


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Coffee Klatch Recap - Charrette Book, Mid-Block Weaves and GRANARY ROW!

We gathered last night at the Pickle Factory to go over the final release of the charrette book, and talk/ brainstorm about near-term projects that came out of the charrette that we're tackling as a neighborhood, and of course, to eat, drink an be merry!…


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Urban umbrella installation

How cool is this? It's an art installation in the city of Agueda, Portugal and you can read more about it here.

Maybe this is something we can try on a smaller scale for Granary Row? It could work well between the two food containers over…


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Visit to NYC for Some Shipping Container Inspiration

Dekalb Market in Brooklyn, NY has been an example we've used to explain how Granary Row might work logistically (fire code, building code, ADA, permitting, etc.) and I have been in touch with the firm who operated Dekalb to see if we could receive guidance in our quest to get Granary Row permitted. As a note, the City has been so incredibly supportive with this project and…


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Granary Row Brochure

After our last coffee klatch to decide on a mission statement and design for Granary Row, we came up with a brochure (above).



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Incredible Example of Urban Revitalization

This is a great documentary on an urban revitalization project in the Netherlands. Something we're facing here in the Granary. There are some really incredible ideas from how to revitalize an under-utilized area through great design, collaboration, creating diversity, using existing…


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Granary Row Promotional Video

Check out what Jeff White put together. Awesome job, Jeff!

Meeting with Mayor Becker on September 14th, but we've had some very positive meeting with City Council members Kyle LaMalfa and Luke Garrott, and other City officials.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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Granary Row Coffee Klatch Recap

We had a great turnout and a great meeting on the evening of the 26th at the Pickle Factory to discuss the final design and mission statement of Granary Row.

Granary Row came out of the week-long Granary District Crowdourced Charrette held at the end of…


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Granary District Charrette — Closing Presentation

Granary District Crowdourced Charrette — Closing Presentation from The Kentlands Initiative on Vimeo.

It's long, but VERY Good! We're working on starting the implementation of charrette outcomes like Granary Row (the container semi-temporary development…


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