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5th Pre-charrette Coffee Klatch Recap

Had some really good discussion about how to incorporate and promote bike infrastructure and culture in the Granary District at our last klatch in the Pickle Factory.

Some other brainstorming ideas that were brought up were:

Bike corrals
Covered bike parking
Loop detectors for bikes
Create community to propose families biking together
Bike Pumps
Bars and nightlife to give ppl reason to bike
Traffic calming on 8th South
Kevin — President of Board of Directors of Salt Lake Bicycle Collective 
-Safe bike paths, but relevant/ branded to the Granary
-Create a bike event for the Granary a race or something
Bicycle Master Plan Update - Salt Lake City - Summer/Fall 2012
Safety Statistics
Statistics on street accidents 
Economics - BAR "Nightlife"
Bike Loop Detector
Bike Family - Women RIDE
Safe Biking - Smooth Path
Varying Landscape - Bike Facilities
Bike Covered Parking
Landmark=Gateways to Signify Entrance and Leaving

Cyclovia- block off certain parts of City to make just for bikes !!!!!!!
Now, all of these ideas are going to cost money to implement, but, specifically with bike infrastructure, we need to be thinking about these now, so we can find ways to raise capital for these neighborhood needs in the District — something we'll try to tackle at the charrette :)
What are some other ideas for enhancing the bike environment in the Granary?

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Comment by Fahzure Freeride on April 6, 2012 at 8:18pm


Just to clear, Kevin is the President of the Board of Directors for the Bicycle Collective.  Jonathan Morrison is the Executive Director.

Comment by James Alfandre on April 6, 2012 at 9:17pm

Thanks, I'll make the edit.


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