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Creating walkable, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District.

Breweries not only bring people together, but they significantly change the vibe of a neighborhood or district. The Uinta Beer Garden is one of the main attractions of Granary Row. What if we could take the Beer Garden to the next level?

Imagine if one of the vacant buildings in the Granary District became the new host to a local brewery. This brewery could be a beacon for community gatherings, a source for new job opportunities, and a magnet attracting new residents and other small businesses.

The combination photo above is an example of the Harpoon Brewery in Boston. In the 1980's the area was composed of auto body shops and little urban vitality. The Harpoon Brewery has transformed the South Boston waterfront, as it now attracts 85,000 people a year for tastings and festivals!

Other examples of breweries which transformed rundown districts include: Boulevard Brewing (Westside neighborhood,Kansas City), Great Lakes Brewing Co. (Ohio City,Cleveland), Hale's Ales Brewery and Pub (Ballard neighborhood,Seattle), Brooklyn Brewery (Williamsburg,Brooklyn), and Amendment Brewery (Oakland).

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