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City Council pushing for streetcar through The Granary District

I was lucky enough, or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it, to have attended the working Salt Lake City council meeting yesterday, May 11. One of the major agenda items was the study of a viable streetcar line connecting The Granary District at the 900 South 200 West, running it up either 400 West or 500 West, then running it east to at least 500 East, with a final eastern terminus to be decided upon later. Councilman Luke Garrott even suggested that the line switch to 100 South at some point to make it up the hill to connect with the University of Utah.

I've known about these proposed streetcar lines in The Granary District for sometime now. The only surprise was the option of the Granary line running on 500 West. After visiting Portland, Oregon with the city and seeing all of the development that spurred from the streetcar and how easy Portland is to get around, I was really excited to see that the council is still committed to initiating development through a streetcar line even though it seemed talks cooled when the Sugar House streetcar line fell through.

The council voted to fund an additional study of the viability of a 500 West alignment through The Granary District. There were some reservations from some council members that 500 West wouldn't be a good option because of its proximity to the I-15 off ramps and the difficulty and safety of those crossings, but in the end it was decided the study would be beneficial.

Where do you think the streetcar should run through the Granary?

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