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Coffee Klatch Recap - Charrette Book, Mid-Block Weaves and GRANARY ROW!

We gathered last night at the Pickle Factory to go over the final release of the charrette book, and talk/ brainstorm about near-term projects that came out of the charrette that we're tackling as a neighborhood, and of course, to eat, drink an be merry!


Chris Brown - Architect - House in the Granary
Chris Talvy- Imbue Design
Matt Swindle - Imbue Design
Brent Hall- Real Estate Developer
Chase Petrey- Condo Owner - Interested in Rebranding of area
Sean- Green Urban Lunchbox - Gardening movement & projects - Healthy produce access
Jeff Martin- Enjoy the area, believer, activist, cultivator
Rich Hughes - Involved with bldgs just to the north of the Pickle Factory
Devin Despain- Original Block Party - Workshop/Design Space Opening near Ballpark
Ben Ferguson- Original Block Party Involvement - Workshop/Design Space Opening near Ballpark
David - Arch Nexus participant
Cody Gelden - Arch student a U
Leslie - Arch student at the U
Kevin Blalock- Blalock & Partners - Property Owners
Doug Thimm- Arch Nexus - Grew up professionally in San Diego during Gaslamp district development
Jeremy King - Architect, living west of the district and biking through
Ryan Chatterton- Marketing guru, consulting guru, idea school, idea wall creator
Steve Grain - Independent Film maker - Art creator
Dixon Nahrwold- Film and design student, would like to be involved
Emily Crane- lived in Salt lake forever, friend introduction to the area
Lou and Carolyn Barrett- Pickle Owners
Preston Croxford- Architect and young architects forum
Lesly Beck- Grad student at Westminster, interning at bad dog, community development interests
Havilah- Save Our Canyons Operations Director
Jeff Barker
John Harris- Leased a new space on 9th south, furniture gallery, art gallery, other type of gallery
Jeff White- Container Owner
Doug Woodruff- Architectural Nexus
Jeff Shell- Resident

Powerpoint Notes, Discussion, and Comments
Charrette - Successful - Book is done
Findings from Charrette
Projects from Charrette

   Mid-block weaves
      * Village feel
      * System for the entire district - view model
      * Looking at these mid-blocks in terms of zoning, R.O.W., access, etc…

      * Catalog of vacant bldg.
      * Catalog of potential tenants
         * Marrying the two together
      * Using the crowdsite or another online tool to facilitate matchmaking
      * Hurdles of moving people down to District - referenced in charrette book
         * Seismic issues
         * Fire code

   Granary Row
      * Reclaiming Right-of-way for neighborhood goals
      * 6 month-long (temporary)
      * Site Plan for Granary Row!!!!
         * Submitting to Salt Lake City Muni for prelim. approval (Thank you to Blalock & Partners for preparing the plan for submittal)

*Download the complete site plan: GranaryRowSitePlan.pdf

Flow (West to East) of Granary Row

  1. Micro-residential living + space
  2. Urban agriculture space
  3. Commercial space allocation
  4. Two snack box like restaurant space (facing each other)
  5. Retail space
  6. Entertainment space
  7. Beer garden / More dining space with landscaping options
  8. commercial / office space
  9. signage (capstone)

Using the Row and the District to attract owners, vendors, makers, retailers, and residents
     Make it come ALIVE

Start brainstorming?             
Like minded-vendors sharing ideas?

Help brainstorming on funding & fundraising

May 2013 - November 2013
Granary Row implementation and use
Granary Row success metrics (to be determined) will be needed for 2014 permanent installation



   * Urban Design Elements (umbrella installation)
   * ART (Chase's idea for the 'Before-I-Die' Wall)

   * Neighborhood initiated bike-share from TRAX to Granary Row

   * A "barn-raising" and other opportunities to get involved in build-out of Granary Row
[[the audience and contributors break out into 3 groups to brainstorm]]

Group 1 Discussion (Recording)

Can we stack containers?

Potential for opening up gardening space.  Doing rooftop gardens to open up footprint space
(Water as a concern)

Art on the outside of the container that corresponds with the inside of the container
Adding dimensions

Talk about food trucks (spread out or all together?)
No fixed seating anywhere? - Should we have fixed seating? YES, no?
Other seating options

Stage and plaza options for when not in use
(Basketball court? recreation?)

(Havilah and Steve sharing ideas)

Group 2 Discussion

     Shop share
     Craft Lake City
     Park Silly
     Farmer's Market


     Chef rotation
     Yoga Class
     Local Bands
     Kilby Bands
     Stage Sponsors

Political Soapbox
Guinness Book of World Records Breaking

Group 3 Discussion & Recording

Seating? like parking? - near food areas
All food areas next to each other…

How you get water to agriculture area?
Concerns with Agro area -
use box planters as framing for seating (landscape design for restaurant area)

Local artisans have spaces to show their work (on a rotating basis)
Incentivize locals to participate on Granary Row
Options for people who don't have 'space' to display their 'stuff'

Goonies Movie Night

Work with the flow of Granary Row once people participate
Keep flexibility amongst the containers and infrastructure because you might need to move things around after testing it with customers/visitors in Granary Row

Set time every day? = show off their art, produce, because their in concern on the far west side of the street

Coffee garden in the day / Beer garden at night
Coffee option on the far west side near "micro-residential units"

Bocce Ball
Beer Pong
Other small recreation activities

Dedicated Public Tag Wall or Art Wall for Everyone is respected by Everyone

* Detailed notes from each break out session will be updated here shortly

Granary District Coffee Klatch 12/2012 from The Kentlands Initiative on Vimeo.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a successful evening. If you couldn't make it, and have ideas and suggestions, or you were there and had more ideas, please reply to this post with comments.

*Thanks to Jeremy Goldsmith for scribing at the klatch.

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