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Could you imagine Salt Lake City without cars?

Maybe not COMPLETELY without cars, but without having to use cars to get around for all the daily needs. I don't like cars. I don't hate cars — they're very useful for what they show in the commercials; driving up super-windy roads to go skiing, or camping in the great outdoors, but besides that I don't want to use one a regular basis.

I'd rather to get to work and go to the store this way ...

Or this way ...Not this way ...

It should be a civil right to be able to satisfy most daily needs without having to rely on a car. They're expensive and there should be convenient, efficient alternatives for everyone.

Back to the question — I could imagine a Salt Lake City without cars; it's a long shot, but I could, at least the urban core. With all of the existing planned and proposed mass transit and bike lanes, it could be done.

What changes/sacrifices would I have to make a car-free Salt Lake City more realistic?

-Live in a transit-friendly, denser/ more compact, mixed-use (residential/ retail/ commercial) neighborhood (yes, please)

-Brave the elements walking and biking around (yes, please)

-Live in smaller spaces (yes, please)

-Learn how to change a bike tire (already do!)

Could you imaging Salt Lake City without cars? What would you change/ sacrifice to make it a reality?

The folks over at GOOD posed the city without cars question and were inspired by RailLA, an initiative to plan Los Angeles' future around transit and not cars.

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Comment by Brandon Garcia on March 1, 2011 at 2:56pm
fantastic post, james. amen.


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