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Abandoned buildings, like the above Eastern Pumping Station in Baltimore, are perfect opportunities for innovation. This abandoned building is about to be re-purposed and transformed into the Baltimore Food Hub

The new hub is proposed to contain a commercial kitchen for rent, small businesses, an incubator, and an indoor urban farm. As the food industry is known to bring people together and reestablish a sense of place in a neighborhood, the new Baltimore Food Hub will provide job opportunities while promoting local businesses and locally sourced products. 

Imagine if the Granary District had something like this to revitalize the hood. Food is energy, and energy draws people.

What if we re-purposed an abandoned warehouse in the Granary District and partitioned the space into a commercial kitchen for local businesses (RubySnap, Frida Bistro...)to rent out for big events. The remainder of the space could be a flex space used for education or for nonprofit benefits and community gatherings. Why not throw in the urban farm idea? We could have a space for an indoor urban farm, a step forward for the garden portion of Granary Row. The farm could be a communal, interactive space used to not only draw foodies all year round, but to support the local homeowners.

If we could do this, the reused space would become a place of promotion and community identity. 

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