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Whew! What a week! Thank you to all those who came and participated in person and via the live stream. And a special thanks to the charrette team who produced some fabulous material. For pictures of the charrette, check out the album, here.

This is just a brief recap of the closing presentation. For a more comprehensive recap, check out the  live stream recording of the final presentation. A better version, filmed by professionals, will be available shortly and I'll post it to this Crowdsite when I get it.

So what was accomplished?

We gathered all of the input from the last TWO years from this Crowdsite, Coffee Klatches, neighborhood events, survey's, focus groups, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Gathered input and information from the 19 charrette sessions! and started a Vision Plan for the neighborhood, looking at how to break up the huge blocks, transportation infrastructure (pedestrians, bikes, cars, semis, etc.) while looking at how key parcels, like the City owned Fleet Block, fit into the neighborhood.

We started looking at key neighborhood parcels in more detail and how they can become catalysts for a gritty, diverse and grounded (based from the neighborhood narrative) neighborhood that stays true to its past and embraces the inevitable growth.

Here is an idea for how to use our incredibly wide streets as efficiently as possible. First, there is enough infrastructure in the neighborhood to park 4,600 cars ON THE STREET! And, with current and future public transportation options and bike infrastructure, the Granary is going to be very accessible. So, instead of requiring property owners to provide parking on their lots, why not allow them to park all their cars on street and give them parking maximums if they want parking on their lot.

(700 South and 300 West)

These images also show how to temporarily activate the street through container units for incubator businesses, beer gardens, a stage for performances, etc. 

The following images are of the City owned Fleet Block and come from the Crowd wanting a central gathering spot in the neighborhood and a place for middle class, attainable, smaller housing ...

(This plan is with on street parking only and around 40 units to the acre. There's a variation with onsite parking at 1 stall/ unit)

The neighborhood plaza in in the center of the image, with the future streetcar running through it, and a civic building, maybe a library, across the street on the corner parcel, anchoring the south of the plaza.

There were many more exciting ideas that came from the charrette, that we'll present and talk about in the near future, but this a rough recap for now. We'll also be compiling all of the charrette data and outcomes into a book that anyone will be able to reference.

So, what are the next steps? How about we have another coffee klatch, (beer, coffee and treats provided by Kentlands Initiative) to discuss? Is it getting the temporary street started on 700 South between 300 and 400 West? What do you think?

How about sometime in the next week or so at Nobrow coffee? What days and times are best for everyone? I'd say Thursday the 17th or Tuesday the 22nd at 8pm.

We can do this! We have been doing this! We can be the ones who dictate what's going to happen in our neighborhood! Mayor Becker said it himself at the Block Party: "What you all are doing is going to show the way for what we can do here in Salt Lake City."


Here are some pictures (and a video) from the after party at the Pickle Factory!

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Comment by Pete Federman on May 8, 2012 at 8:33pm
We'll be out of town for both those dates, soo see you at the NEXT one
Comment by Christine Coutts on May 9, 2012 at 3:52pm

Tuesday May 22nd would be good. Art Access, your neighbor has an event on the evening of May 17th.

Comment by James Alfandre on May 9, 2012 at 10:58pm

Good to know. Thanks. Let's shoot for the 22nd then. I'll set up an event page soon and invite everyone.

Comment by Soren Simonsen on May 16, 2012 at 1:06pm

Great work to everyone who contributed. It was great to be part of the energy of the charrette, and I look forward to continuing work on the implementation efforts. 

Comment by James Alfandre on May 16, 2012 at 2:34pm

Thank you for your contributions and expertise, Soren! We look forward to collaborating with you on the next steps, starting with the next coffee klatch. See you then!


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