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Granary District crowdsourced redevelopment charrette!

In late Spring of this year, we'll be partnering with leading local and national (mainly local) design and neighborhood redevelopment initiators to continue our effort in resurrecting the Granary District through a five-day intense design session called a 'charrette'.

We've come a long way in two years, and working together on the Block Party, and a number of smaller neighborhood events has caught the eye of many stakeholders who want to collaborate to lead the resurrection of the Granary District.

It's important we start now, because as we've been saying all along, the Gran is not a blank slate — it's full of thriving businesses, visionary property owners and great buildings in an area so close to downtown — it has a lot going for it! Because of this, growth is inevitable here, especially now that the City has plans to run a streetcar line down the neighborhood to connect it to downtown, and has other properties it's looking to redevelop. So we need to start visioning and implementing that vision to create a neighborhood redevelopment plan that can be implemented in the short term and keeps the neighborhood vision intact for the long term.

We'll accomplish this at the charrette through a neighborhood design plan along with:

  • Neighborhood design guidelines
  • Neighborhood architectural standards
  • Crowdsourcing (like we did for the Block Party where we all worked together to make it happen) to match tenants to property owners to local investors. 
  • Among others to be determined 

(Collaborating for the Block Party last May)

Collaboration is key in this process and we (the 'Crowd') — stakeholder, property/ business owners, current and future tenants — will have the opportunity to brainstorm and problem-solve online (on this Crowdsite) and in person at weekly coffee klatches, so stay tuned for more information as we get this rolling.

There is much more information and brainstorming to come, so check back here frequently, our Facebook page and follow us on twitter.

Will be brainstorming a lot more in the near future, but for know, what do you think about the charrette and what would you like to accomplish from it?

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