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Granary District salvage system for the neighborhood

There were a lot of fabulous ideas to come out of the Granary District crowdsourced charrette. One of many I've been thinking of lately is the idea of a Granary District Re-store/ salvage yard type of neighborhood service.

With all of the old buildings in the Granary, most will be restored, some will have to be torn down, and in both of these instances, there are materials - great materials - that are shipped off to the dump.

In the Granary District spirit - a place that is for makers, with a sustainable future economically, socially, and ENVIRONMENTALLY, we should have a place where these dump-bound materials can go to be reclaimed by other in the neighborhood - whether they be other building owners, artists, residents, etc. It would serve many great purposes - saving resources, cost effective way to get needed materials, and keeps good materials out of our landfills. Most of the materials in these buildings aren't made the same way anymore, and have tremendous value.

It's actually started to already happen! Kevin Blalock, owner of Ed's Place, had an old bar (to serve food) that was being removed by Jeff White. Lou Barrett found out about it, walked over to Ed's Place through the secret passage that connects the two properties, and salvaged it for a makeshift bar in the backyard of the Pickle Factory that we used at the charrette after party!

Do you think this could be useful for the neighborhood?

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