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Granary District Shared Work Shop Spaces...

Granary District Shared Work Shop Spaces...

Has anyone considered converting warehouse spaces for home improvement projects?

The one thing lacking with most condo and apartments is the lack of a garage or basement to do little things like change your oil, clean out or detail the car or truck, let alone refinish furniture or make a book case.

There are some cottage businesses starting in the old warehouse area and would like to suggest we could all benefit from a low cost rental work shop along with some kind of Tool Room Cooperative.

I have this basket case motorcycle project I would like to do but our HOA rules prohibit that kind of work in the parking lot, inside the condo is out of the question and our patio is full of potted plants and low maintenance greenery.

Additionally, a place to take an old chest of drawers or table to be sanded and sealed would put to good use some of the orphan furniture we all collect over time and need a place to work on.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Patrick at Angelina's Corner

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Comment by James Alfandre on July 13, 2012 at 2:44pm


I know that this idea has been expressed before - at least getting a group that rents DIY space down to the neighborhood. As a place for makers - the Granary is perfect for a use like this.

Comment by Quinn McCallum-Law on July 17, 2012 at 6:12pm

Agreed, this would be a great place for that.


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