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We had a great turnout and a great meeting on the evening of the 26th at the Pickle Factory to discuss the final design and mission statement of Granary Row.

Granary Row came out of the week-long Granary District Crowdourced Charrette held at the end of April as a response to how we can use existing infrastructure more efficiently, while creating a vibrant street that brings many people down to the Granary while serving the needs of those here already.

We started with presenting the Granary Row mission statement to get feedback. It reads:

Granary Row serves the needs of the people who live, work, and play in the Granary District by supporting a vibrant, locally sourced, and symbiotic street culture.
Granary Row is a prototype for reclaiming vehicle rights-of-way to achieve neighborhood goals. Specifically, the goal to have development reflect and reinforce the neighborhood's maker roots.
Our commercial spaces nurture microventures that will seed the neighborhood with a steady and diverse stream of creative and driven entrepreneurs. Our tenants are drawn from the area's existing arts, bike, entrepreneurial, and foodie communities.
We are non-profit.
We are resource-wise.
We are inclusive.

This mission statement was universally accepted by those in attendance.

Now to the design of Granary Row:

We tweaked the original design a little bit and this what the final design looks like:

(700 S. btwn 300 and 400 West. From left to right, residential units, gardens, container commercial space, beer garden, container retail space, neighborhood stage/ plaza, container commercial space, gardens, container restaurants with seating on top, food cart space)


It helped that we did a dry-run for Granary Row at the Block Party II.


We also looked at precedences for other container developments:

(Cashel Street in Christchurch, NZ)

(Proxy Market, San Francisco)


(Delkab Market, Brooklyn NY)


You can find the Granary Row Pinterest board with more ideas and precedences, here.


So the next steps are:

  • to continue working with the City, who have been very supportive of Granary Row, to legally be allowed to do this.
  • Raise money. We're looking at an overall total budget of close to $450k if we buy every container and build them out - we want to partner and collaborate to lessen this number.
  • Find organizations such as Local First, the Arts Council, or other organizations that might interested in partnering. Also, architect firms who'd be willing to donate a built out container, or anyone else who'd be willing to donate any other resources.
  • Get ready for a May 2012 launch!

So what does everyone think? Still onboard?!

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