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We had another great Block Party meeting on Saturday at Wasatch Community Gardens office. I can't believe we're just under a month away from the Granary District Block Party!


The Agenda was:

-Granary District Branding

-Block Party Marketing

-Status of specific Block Party events and vendors


Christian Harrison went over the Granary District branding sheet. The attendees of the meeting filled out the survey, and we're going to have it available online for the whole NING group so we can move forward with a Granary District logo, etc.

Then the Block Party marketing sheet was discussed. This is the outline for how we as a group and individually can promote, invite and get the word out for the Block Party! We have to effectively market to make the Block Party a true neighborhood success! I will post the direct links from this sheet onto this site so we can Facebook, twitter, email and chat about the Block Party effectively.


Then we went around the room and reported on the different projects being worked on:

Jesse Ward and Spencer are working with their group by rounding up plants, a composting toilet, chickens and pots to create an urban Homestead in front of the Pickle Factory.

Dave Starks is providing metal sculptures and benches for the neighborhood square in the parking lot of the Pickle Factory. He's also working on making a streetcar stop.

Marta Nielsen is new to the groupsite and is going to help in any way she can.

Susan Finlayson is working on the homestead, seed bombs and a veggie picture booth.

Jesse Cassar is providing 2-3 bands for live music and will schedule all live music acts for the Party.

Keri Williams is working on a couple of different Block Party aspects with the street design group and is getting the UofU Architecture and Planning department involved. She's been promoting and getting a lot of people involved and excited!

Ashley Sanders is doing everything and anything. If you have any questions about anything, you can message her directly through this site, especially regarding the street design!

Jennifer Hamilton is working closely with Ashley on street design. She's spearheading the kid's area as well as other elements that will make the street look like a great neighborhood.

Ryan is with the Idea School and will help with the hospitality and education portion of the Party by setting up a classroom type environment to help participants visualize an ideal neighborhood and the potential of the Granary District.


Under a month to go! Let's keep pushing forward!

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