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The Granary District, what an area. Full of raw potential, something I can identify with. It has such a beauty underneath the superficiality of grit and grime. Some, including myself, even think the grit and grime adds a certain jenesequa to the charm. For young budding designers, artist and everyone else how do we "preserve" this charm and and hidden luster while moving the area to a more humanly vibrant neighborhood? Honing it to a level of refinement and urbane qualities while still retaining whats attracted many of us there to start with? Above, hopefully, is a fairly decent exemplary project of a reinvention of an old warehouse. Preserved and moved to the present and future.  

What do you think? Lets here what and how you'd like to see the Granary shine.


Read about the building here:

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Comment by James Alfandre on March 19, 2012 at 6:00pm

I think this could be a tremendous model, site specific, to look at for adding to the Granary District in an aesthetic, cost-effective way that will add to the character of the neighborhood by blending, and highlighting the old and the new.

Thank you so much for posting, Quinn!


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