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PARK(ing) day is an annual and global event that was first initiated in 2005 by the art and design studio Rebar from San Francisco. The idea is to convert single metered parking spaces into temporary public open spaces. By paying the meter for a two hour parking space, artists and designers explore the possibilities of designating space for the public. 

The image above is the site and installation of the first PARK. The PARK existed for a two hour period, which was the temporary lease offered by the city on the face of the parking meter. After the lease expired, the sod was rolled back up, and the tree and bench were removed.

A small installation for a small amount of time made a HUGE impact globally. In 2011 PARK(ing) day was practiced in 162 cites, 35 countries and 6 continents!

PARK(ing) Day is coming up! This Friday the Granary District could/should participate.  

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