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RECAP: 1/28/14 Granary District Coffee Klatch

The first klatch of the new year was again focused mostly on Granary Row Season 2.

Main discussion points were:

  • Should the biergarten security fence be around the entire Row so people can walk everywhere with their beer, or should it just be around the biergarten? This was discussed at length with the majority agreeing that fencing the entire Row could make it feel more like an event and not integrated into the neighborhood.
  • Music - will be acoustic on the small stage facing the biergarten, adjacent to the 20' upright container, and will be amplified during street closures for larger events with the stage being turned to face the intersection of 800 South and 400 West to handle a larger audience.
  • The program committee is in its infancy and has started meeting every Wednesday to plan events and partnerships for the upcoming season. If interested, please contact Stacey with Mineral and Matter at

Stay tuned for the February coffee klatch and come join the discussion!!

Here are some notes from the meeting that were forwarded to me:

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