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The Granary District and neighborhood start-up, The Foundry, in Fast Company!!

There is an incredible article (read it here) in Fast Company, one of the leading technology, business and design magazines out, about a Granary District entrepreneur incubator, The Foundry. Rob and the guys over there are doing some incredible, ground-breaking work that is getting a lot of attention, and churning out, at an alarmingly successful rate, thriving local businesses.

The article also talks about our gritty Granary District and how the creative class needs vibrant, diverse neighborhoods to thrive in. We can't have our talented work force flee to San Francisco, New York, etc. to find the lifestyle they crave; we need to build neighborhoods that attract and retain our creative workforce, among other demographics to create diverse, resilient, human-centered neighborhoods.

Amazing stuff happening in Salt Lake City and in our gritty, diverse and grounded Granary District!


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