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Visit to NYC for Some Shipping Container Inspiration

Dekalb Market in Brooklyn, NY has been an example we've used to explain how Granary Row might work logistically (fire code, building code, ADA, permitting, etc.) and I have been in touch with the firm who operated Dekalb to see if we could receive guidance in our quest to get Granary Row permitted. As a note, the City has been so incredibly supportive with this project and have been very good partners as we've been learning together on how to make this happen legally.

Because a project like this has never been done before, because it's a shipping container project in the MIDDLE of a public street, it helps to look at similar projects as precedences.

So, I have a meeting with Youngwoo & Associated tomorrow morning at 10am, and I was lucky enough to secure a red-eye buddy pass, and a place to stay (my sister's) to New York City to meet with them!

I have a ton of questions to ask, and am hopeful that I'll return with useful information that will help inform our process on making Granary Row happen!


My sister (the one who I'll be staying with) lives in Prospect Heights which is just a couple of Subway stops from Dekalb, and when I heard that Dekalb was closing on September 30th for the season, I asked her to run over to Dekalb with a to-do list and take as many pictures as possible. I've posted them below for your viewing pleasure:


(Coffee shop)

(Stacked containers)

(Overhead electrical wires)

(Wires running on the ground)



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Comment by Derek Kitchen on November 10, 2012 at 12:42am

This is very inspirational. I love the container garden and think a coffee shop is a MUST for Granary Row. 

Comment by James Alfandre on November 13, 2012 at 3:37pm

I do too. I found another really cool coffee shop in NYC while I was there.


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